How to Include Background Music in a Video with Movavi Video Editor

movavi video editor

Music can have a transformative effect when combined with videos, which is why adding the right background music is a great way to give your video some extra polish. Needless to say the track that you choose needs to match your video – both in terms of its pace as well as its overall mood. …


Top Rated VR Headsets in 2016

oculus rift vr headset

Recently there has been an increase in the popularity of Virtual reality, a new technology that has created a boom in the industry. There’s also has been a significant increase in the demand for VR apps for Android as well as iOS smartphones. VR headset is basically a head mounted device that provides user a …


What The SSL Connection Error is And How to Fix It?

Nowadays, the Internet security is a critical issue for anyone who use it. That’s why many companies like Google or Facebook is trying to increase the security level and protect users’ data information. The good method to doing so is move from HTTP to HTTPS to encrypt users’ data before transmitting between user computers and …


5 Productivity Tools for a Stress-Free Business Trip


Frequent travels because of work are a normal thing for many modern business people. As you may expect, there are many different factors to be considered in those situations, and stress levels that come with business trips are often high. This is why we always strive to be on top of thing as much as …


Compevo: Reliable VPS Hosting for Mainland China & Hong Kong


Hiring VPS hosting services is an important and difficult task which must always be accompanied by extensive research whose purpose is to help you identify the best place to rent a Virtual Private Server (VPS) from. A VPS is more sophisticated than regular web hosting and at the same time it isn’t as powerful and …


How to Partition Hard Drive Instantly for Free?

EaseUS Partition Master Free

EaseUS Partition Master is a freeware application whose purpose is to allow users to easily resize their hard drive partitions without using any of the data stored on them. However, resizing is just one of the many useful features that are implemented in the latest version of EaseUS Partition Master. This program is also able …


Tact9000 LED Flashlight – Essential Tech Tool for Camping Trips

Survival_Flash_Light Tact9000

Flashlights are a simple and valuable tool that can come in handy in all kinds of situations – natural disasters, unexpected power outages, working in pitch dark environments or enjoyable hunting trips. Regardless of your hobbies, you can rest assured that at some point you’ll need a flashlight, and when this time comes it is …


Handy Apps for Web Designers to Speed Up Web Design Process

 Apps for Web Designers

Modern tech has accelerated the pace of web design & development processes. Today we see lots of apps are being created everyday to facilitate the work of designers & webmasters. A person or a company looking to have a professional web design for their online presence can either go for a great web design company …


Why Server Location Matters for Your Business?

importance of server location for business

Have you ever wondered if it makes a difference which server location you choose when given the option while configuring your new hosting account or dedicated server? It does in-fact make a difference and can drastically improve your ping times which is how quickly you receive a response from the server when you send a …


Get Organized in Business with TimeSheet Portal

A company’s productivity can be significantly increased if the owners find an efficient way to manage the work hours and workload of their employees. In the past, the only way to track a worker’s worktime was with the help of a pen and paper, but nowadays business owners have access to a broad range of …