wordpress is hacked

What will you do when you see that your website has been hacked? You might hit your head, or do something rash. Obviously, it is one of the most troubling situations as one may lose their website’s data, personal credentials and other content. So, it is necessary to keep yourself calm and composed when a …


Top Reasons Why Laser Technology is Accelerating Faster than Ever


The origins of today’s innovative laser technology date back to the 1960s. The power and efficiency of the lasers was clearly proven, although the actual technology shaped up only in the past few years. A lot of things have changes since, and many experts in the field would agree that laser technology is now accelerating …


Download iOS 9 Public Beta Now!

Apple’s announcement and releases always excite the techies out there, and this event isn’t any different. Earlier in July we saw the release of the first public beta of iOS 9, the most recent version of Apple’s operating system. Apparently, the beta tests went well, because Apple just released the second version of the beta. …


Save Money with Business Mobiles

Have you considered a business mobile network for your staff to save your company money? Instead of reimbursing your staff for the business calls they make from their personal handheld devices each month, you could save your business money by investing in business mobiles instead. We recently had a look at Network Telecom’s offer and …


6th Generation iPod Touch Available in Apple’s Online Store

6th generation iPod-touch

Modern smartphones serve a broad range of purposes – they may be used as a plain telephone, as an MP3 player, video player, portable camera, a device to access the web, and a variety of other functions. However, there are still people which may prefer to use a dedicated device for some of these activities, …


Samsung Galaxy A8: Samsung Unveils Thinnest Phone Ever

samsung A8

Samsung is one of the biggest names in the field of technology, so users always have high expectations when a new Samsung device is scheduled to be released. The corporation just announced the latest addition to their array of high-end smartphones – the Samsung Galaxy A8. Apart from featuring better hardware then its predecessor, the …


iOS 8.4 Released – Bugs, Jailbreak & Exciting Features

ios 8.4

IOS 8.4 was recently released and we have been hearing user opinions ever since. Of course, we could expect the occasional bug that usually accompanies new releases, and iOS 8.4 isn’t an exception. Users have already reported a number of small issues, but thankfully most of them can easily be fixed in a couple of …


Google Play Store 5.7.10 Update; Striking Features

Google usually release updates for their Google Play Store application once a month. However, these updates are rather major, and they often include a long list of improvements, bug fixes, and exciting new features that make the wait worthwhile. The latest version of Google Play Store was released just hours ago, and no one will …


Minecraft for Windows 10 To Be Released On July 29

Minecraft has been around for a couple of years, and since its first version it has turned into a number one favorite game of gamers worldwide. Unfortunately, the engine used by the game may run differently under different operating systems, and that’s the main reason Minecraft has several different versions released for a broad range …


Top 5 Business Apps 2015

top business apps 2015

Entrepreneurs must always look out for new ways to enhance their company’s productivity and efficiency. Nowadays there are countless ways to do that, and many of you may be surprised to hear that there are even mobile business apps that may help you with this difficult task. In this post we’ve prepared a short, but …