iPhone 6 Features: Expect a Grand Look

Apple’s new iPhone 6 is on its way to the market and lot new is being expected in latest version of iPhone. A look at some of the improved and upgraded Apple’s grand features, which definitely be part of the new device, might make it worth buying. Most of the features in iPhone 5 are …


Samsung Gear S Smartwatch with Curved Screen Released

Gear S Smartwatch

With the release of its latest smartwatch, Samsung Electronics took a decisive step towards solidifying its presence in the market for technologically advanced wearable. This is the sixth product launched by the company into this market for the year. The device comes equipped with a 2-inch curved Super AMOLED display, which enables you to check …


Samsung Virtual Reality Headset Unveiled

samsung Virtual Reality Headset

It seems that the next big step for smart phones will be virtual reality. Samsung presented its first virtual reality headset in an attempt to outperform its major rival Apple. The device was created in cooperation with one of the leaders in VR technology, Oculus. With virtual reality headsets, users are able to enjoy greater …


Nexus 6 Release Date and Specs

google nexus 6 specs

With time, the competition between smartphone manufacturers has become ever more severe. Everyone is trying to introduce ever more advanced technologies within a shorter period of time. One of the hottest new releases is Samsung Galaxy Note 4. iPhone 6 is rumored to be released soon and release date of Nexus 6 formally referred to …


How to Level A Workhorse Pickup Truck?

A pickup truck that is used as the workhorse of a business must be leveled whenever the suspension and shocks have gone out of line. A Ford F350 leveling kit is designed to keep the truck stable with just a few simple tools. Using the kit requires a few hours and some patience. Every person …


65 Augmented Reality Apps for iPhone Users

Augmented reality apps aren’t just fun to use, they are also very helpful as well. We’ve been seeing this technology in movies for years, but it wasn’t until recently when it became available to the public. Nowadays you can use this fancy technology as long as you have a smartphone with a camera. There are …


Best Tablets and Smartphones of IFA 2014

IFA 2014 isn’t so far away, and millions of people are eager to see the new home appliances and consumer electronics that some of the top manufacturers in the world will show us. However, most people are attracted to the “smart” part of the convention – there we’ll see all kinds of innovative smart gadgets, …


Apple’s iPhone Augmented Reality Navigation

On September 4th 2014, Apple made two applications for new patents which reveal that the company is focused on expanding the navigation capabilities of iPhone with the use of augmented reality features. The intentions are for the smartphone to use its camera together with designated software to produce a virtual map of the place where …


Download WPS Office 2014 Beta for Free

Windows users often look for an alternative to the widely used Microsoft Office. This office software suite is quite pricy, but it definitely offers the biggest numbers of features & extras. However, have you ever asked yourself – how many of those features do you actually need? The truth is that most of you will …


The History of Listening

From vinyl to tapes to digital, YTD chronicles the history of how we listen to music. Brought to you by YTD Video Downloader