10 Affordable Must-Have Tech Accessories

Want to surprise the tech addict in your life? Or perhaps you’re looking for ways to make time fly when boredom kicks in? From media streamers to smartwatches, there are lots of cool tech accessories that won’t break the wallet.

Nowadays, technology is more affordable than ever. As new gadgets hit the markets, they’re getting less and less expensive. You can even get a mini PC for $50!

Actually, it’s possible to upgrade your entire tech collection for just a few bucks. The gadgets we’re talking about are fully functional and super handy. Some can even save you money in the long run.

Whether you want a cheap, cool gift or need something for yourself, check out these affordable tech accessories:

Branch Earphone Splitter

Share your favorite songs with family and friends while on the go! This handy earphone splitter allows you to enjoy the latest music or audio books with a companion.

Let’s say you’re planning a picnic or an evening walk. Use this gadget to share a romantic song with the guy you like. It will create that special something and turn your walk into a fun-filled adventure.

WiFi Streaming Box

Once you start using this cool device, cable bills will just a bad memory. The Roku LT streams Amazon Prime, Netflix, and other content services via WiFi.

With this gadget, you’ll have access to over 1,000 channels. The best part is that most of them are free. Simply hook the device to your TV and enjoy your favorite movies!

Portable Smartphone Charger

Today’s mobile phones are getting smarter and smarter. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same about battery life. The more features you get, the faster the battery dies.

Luckily, you can charge your smartphone on the go with a portable device.

There are hundreds of models available, and they only cost a few bucks. This is one of the most useful yet affordable tech accessories that money can buy.

Portable LED Flashlight

Whether you’re getting ready for an outdoor adventure or a walk in the dark, you need a flashlight. The one you have on your phone isn’t the best option when it comes to power and efficiency.

However, you can always use portable LED flashlights. They’re small, convenient, and handy.

These affordable tech accessories are perfect for those who love playing mini golf, bowling, or tennis in the dark.

Plus, you can use one when jogging late in the evening. Read here about these fun activities and then get your own LED flashlight!

Key Finder

Tired of losing your keys around the house? Or perhaps you have a bunch of keys for your home, car, and office? In case, a key finder will do the trick.

This gadget makes it easy to find your smartphone and keys in the blink of an eye. It comes with four preset ringtones that allow you to set custom alarms. Its battery will last for as long as one year, and requires no charging.

Lightning Charger Bracelet

Are you always on the go? Have trouble finding a charging cord when you need the most? Then you must get this cool charger bracelet!

It’s compatible with most iPhones and iPads, featuring both charging and data syncing capabilities. Wear it as a bracelet when you don’t need it, and turn it into a charging cable when the phone battery dies.

This cool gadget comes in a wide range of colors, such as pink, black, and blue. Due to its compact size, it’s discreet and goes well with any outfit.

Universal Remote Control

Did you know that it’s possible to turn your smartphone into a remote control? All you need is the Griffin Beacon!

This wireless universal audio and video controller works with iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. It can be easily connected via Bluetooth, so there are no cables to worry about.

Use it as a remote control for your TV, media player, or sound system.

LCD Writing Tablet

Sometimes the best ideas pop up when you least expect them. Typing or recording them on your phone isn’t always an option. A writing tablet, on the other hand, makes it easy to write and leave notes on the go.

This model, for instance, features a 10-inch screen, built-in lock key, and pressure-sensitive LCD writing surface. On top of that, you can write over 100,000 times and share your ideas online.

Since it costs less than $30, it’s one of the most affordable tech accessories out there. Get one for yourself or surprise the geek in your life!

Stilo Stylus

Do you love drawing and writing long texts on your smartphone? Then you need a stylus pen! However, not any model will do.

The Stilo Stylus works on all mobile devices, featuring a light, ergonomic design. It’s ideal for note taking, sketching, drawing, and even playing games.

It feels just like a pencil and fits into your hand perfectly. Its price simply can’t be beaten! This cool device costs around $10, so grab a few for your friends too!

Pogo Plug

Cloud services come at a price. Even those that are marketed as free only offer a few gigabytes of storage. If you need more space for your files, upgrading is a must.

This is where the Pogo Plug comes in handy. It’s one of those affordable tech accessories you simply can’t live without.

With this gadget, users can automatically back up data from their PCs and mobile devices. They can even access the files from anywhere. The device works just like a remote cloud service and comes at a fraction of the price.

The Most Affordable Tech Accessories Are One Click Away

As you see, these cool gadgets are available online. Your only job is to check them out and place your order. Forget about long waiting lines and going from one store to the next.

Online shopping isn’t just convenient but affordable too. With some research, you can save thousands and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in tech.

What are your favorite gadgets? Is there anything you wish to get in the near future? Drop a comment below!

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