10 Most Pocket Friendly Smartphones Today

Having a pocket-sized smartphone is very convenient especially if you are not using your phone the whole time. It started last year when manufacturers produced handheld devices that will fit your pockets perfectly. These pocket-friendly smartphones are very handy and cause less hassles to the user or owner. In fact, pocket-sized phones are way cheaper than bigger-sized phones. The price tag is certainly pocket-friendly also. Such phones are easier to use when you are travelling.

Do you know these ten most pocket friendly smartphones today?

The Galaxy Pocket When Samsung released the Galaxy Pocket last April it became highly demand in the market since. It’s one of Samsung’s leading products that are hit in the market. The Galaxy Pocket has received thousands of positive feedbacks for it has good features. Due to its size, it runs fast and has better specs.

The Galaxy Pocket

It runs with Android 2.3 Gingerbread and has ARM chipset at 823 MHz. This makes Galaxy Pocket runs with faster and lighter performance. Samsung chose to minimize its processor.

Pantech Hotshot Consumers have very little knowledge of Pantech products because the manufacturer had a hard time introducing their line to the consumers. Probably because Pantech has lower specs with only ARM-11 processor at 480 MHz. On the other hand, Samsung managed to give its products at least 800 mhz while Pantech was able to put half. This makes Samsung the leading brand in terms of pocket-friendly phones leaving Pantech and similar products behind.

Pantech Hotshot

LG Optimus Me LG has sold a lot of Optimus phones. It is considered as their best seller products. Hence, LG keep producing Optimus products because consumers buy it. However, LG’s Optimus did not pass the entry-level thus makes them cheaper in value.

LG Optimus Me

The company released the Optimus Me last year, month of February. It runs with Android 2.2 Froyo. It has lower RAM which is only 140 MB thus it did not make the entry-level. Furthermore, the screen is just about 2.8 inches only.

HTC Explorer – HTC wanted to stay on the competition thus producing the HTC Explorer. Its Taiwanese manufacturer aimed for better mobile products with good specs. Thus, they placed 600 MHz on its processor. Actually, they consider 600 MHz a sensible choice for things was different that time. Then, manufacturers decided to upgrade into dual-core products with quad-core processors. The HTC Explorer got 512 MB RAM even if similar products received only 256 MB and sometimes, less. Still, the bigger memory helped a lot.

HTC Explorer

Huawei G6609 – Huawei as one of the biggest mobile phone manufacturer that also produced their line of pocket-sized smartphone. Actually, they wish to get more sales so they created the Huawei G6609. This Android device showcased a dual-sim feature and displays 2.4 inches screen. It has full QWERTY keyboard. It consists of 16GB internal memory with microSD and its external memory is 32GB.

Huawei G6609

Blackberry Curve 9320We are all aware of the huge competition happening between iOS and Android, yet Research in Motion (RIM) took a different path by producing corporate mobile phones. Most executives use Blackberry than iOS and Android because RIM offers perfect features for them.

Blackberry Curve 9320

It displays 2.44 inches screen with 512 MB RAM. The phone is made for business individuals. It has Blackberry OS 7.1 and proudly features the BBM. People compare Blackberry with Android devices and iOS phones yet RIM made sure this phone stays competitive.

Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 – The Samsung Galaxy Pop or Galaxy Mini S5570 produced by T-Mobile displays a 3.4” screen. It is considered as one of the best pocket-sized phone in the market. It has ARM processor that runs on 600 mhz. It also has 200 graphics unit. Unlike other Samsung products, the Mini does not have AMOLED tech rather it has TFT capacitive touchscreen feature. It also has TouchWiz. Furthermore, it was upgraded from Android 2.2 Froyo to Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570

Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 S6500 – Following Galaxy Mini S5570’s release, Korean manufacturer decided to produce a better version of the Mini S5570. They created the Galaxy Mini 2 S6500 with better more advanced features. It showcased 800 mhz processor and consists of 512 MB RAM. Its internal memory is 4GB and comes with additional microSD slot.

Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 S6500

The difference with the previous Galaxy Mini is the screen size which is bigger. Now it has 3.27” display. It also runs a pre-installed Gingerbread yet you can choose to upgrade into Ice Cream Sandwich. Nonetheless, it has TFT. It has good batteries too which is 1300 mah that can run up to 6 hours of talk time. The best part, it has lower price tag.

HTC Desire CHTC is releasing the new HTC Desire C anytime soon after its recent announcement. It displays a 3.5 inches screen thus makes it pocket-sized. It has 600 mhz processor and runs on Android 4.0 Icecream Sandwich. Although most product releases has ICS as operating system, HTC Desire C went for 512 MB RAM. Perhaps, it fits its CPU well.

htc desire c

Blackberry Curve 9360Last year, RIM produced a huge number of mobile devices to stay in the competition. The Android market has boomed since last 2011 hence a lot of manufacturers produced their Android products. Surprisingly, the new Curve 9360 which was a follow-up product release hit the market very well. RIM did a great job to attract tech consumers hence its sales boosted up.

Blackberry Curve 9360 

Obviously, this smartphone gave a good performance with its 800 mhz processor and 512 MB RAM. It runs on Blackberry 7.0 and since then, BBM became a hit in the market.

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