10 Tips and Tricks for Blackberry 10 Users

During the recent BlackBerry Live 2013 event, the Marketing manager Jeff Gadway and the Software Product Manager Michael Clewley revealed some great tips for the new BlackBerry 10.

Blackberry 10

You might know or don’t know those, so it is better to check the next list:

1. Quick Scroll for Home Screen

The bottom of the home screen for BB 10 has some icons that represent the most important panels for your device. you can access those at any time: Hub, Active Frame and different other important applications. You don’t need to check other menus, as those are quickly accessible.

2. Hold ’0′ for Voice Search

By pressing “0” long on the keyboard, you will be able to access voice search in any menu or application.

3. Spacebar Quick Scroll

The Space bar on the keyboard can now be used to jump directly to hub, which is useful for reading messages a lot faster.

4. Quick Social Updates

The Universal Search function has been improved. You can type the name of your favorite social network such as Twitter and Facebook, so you could easily post anything there. It also works for LinkedIn.

5. Flick the Key

It is now possible to flick the letters in a word, which is useful for the auto-correct function.

6. Move Camera Focus Box

While the camera stabilizes for focusing, it is possible to change the focusing area with your finger. This allows you to focus on different parts of a photo, so you could obtain artistic and interesting photos.

7. HDR Mode

The BlackBerry 10 along with the OS 10.1 offer the best photo experience. If you have light and dark in the same photo, the camera would take several photos, combining those for the best effect. This option is available with the “Shooting Mode”.

8. Turn off Notifications

The battery life can be enhanced by turning off notifications for different programs. it is also possible to reduce the brightness of the screen and to reduce the screen timeout for the same purpose.

9. Trademark

The Trademark button has been added, and you can access it by pressing the R letter. You will have different options for the respective character.

10. Note

Type “Note” in universal search to add a record to the Remember application of Blackberry.

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