Best Tools to Increase Twitter Followership

If you are new to Twitter, then you probably suffer from what is known as ‘Follower’ envy. There you are day in and out, tweeting like you were a yellow-feathered Warner Brothers character, delivering insightful tweets that illuminate the mind and rejuvenate the soul, but when you look at your Twitter follower count you are hit by a splash of cold reality: you have no followers!

It’s not because people don’t like you, or that your tweets aren’t great, it’s that you need to start playing the Twitter game if you want to increase your follower-ship.

The gist of the game is simple:

1.)  Find a Twitter list with hundreds of people in it.

2.)  Follow them all, and hope that some % of those people follow you back.

3.)  After a few days, you go back to the people you originally followed and then unfollow anyone who hasn’t followed you back.

4.)  Rinse, and repeat.

If you find the right people to follow, you can expect ~50% of the people you follow to follow you back.

Now you can’t do this just by using the Twitter UI, you need to use some free tools available on the Internet to help you out:


This is my favorite free Twitter management tool, it allows you to create search queries to find Twitter users based on filters like the number of followers they have, the % of people they follow back, those who mention you the most, etc. Once you create these filters, you can then select everybody who matches it and in one click follow them all!

It gets better, based off any filtered list of Twitter users you can identify the people who “you follow but don’t follow you”. Then in one button click, you can immediately unfollow all of those people.

This is a more advanced tool which has is great for someone serious about managing and optimizing their Twitter lists.

2.) Tweepi is a very simple to use, bulk Twitter management tool that comes in a Free and Premium flavor. With the free version, it gives you some very easy to understand options to “flush people who don’t follow you”, and “follow people who follow you”. With the Premium version, you get additional functionality that allows you to manage the people who follow you along with the option to retain complete history of the people you’ve followed and unfollowed.

Tweepi also allows you to sort user’s based on stats like “number of RTs in the past day”, and their Klout score. Both of these sorting options make it easier for you to find the right people to follow.

3.) Qwitter

Nothing stings like someone un-following you on Twitter. Did they not like your picture? Did you tweet too much? Was your love for Nickelback more than they could bear? Qwitter is a simple tool that sends you an email each week listing all the users who have unfollowed in the last week. Not only can you identify those who unfollow you, but also you can then return the favor by unfollowing them. It’s free, its convenient and a great way to make sure you are not following people who don’t follow back.

These tools work! Using these tools, I was able to go from roughly 200 followers to 1,200 in less than 5 weeks. You don’t need to be famous, good looking, or even entertaining to get a big Twitter following, you just need to learn to play the game!

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