5 Best Social Media Sites to Use as Powerful Advertising Tool

Social Media plays a critical role in marketing a product and can become a powerful advertising tool. Each social media works differently and provides distinctive results. Before you utilize the power of social media for advertising, you should analyze the target audience and based on the business type the social media can be customized and utilized as great advertising strategy. Here are some of the most prominent social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google+.

top 5 social media

1- Facebook

Facebook ranks top of the charts as a powerful advertising tool and help in promote the business. By creating the Facebook page, the user can invite customers to introduce the product and publicize it. The customers also have a choice of ‘Liking’ the page. Facebook provide the creator the option of creating an event that helps to launch a specific product or new package to its customers. The creator can also advertise the product based on factors like – age, demand, geographic region or special offers. The social media has a tendency to be informal that attracts viewers. The marketing strategy can be enhanced with simple ads instead of complex ones. The concept of the ad needs to be unique and clear to achieve marketing success.

2- Google+

Google+ is one of the powerful social media site from Google, which helps to build a huge network. The Google+ comes with some great features like – Hashtags, Instant upload, Sparks, Games etc. are some of the most loved features by users as well Social Media experts. The Google+ offers some great features in its mobile version as well like – Google+ Local, Google+ Pages, Google+ Communities, Google+ Events, etc.  Most of these features play a vital role in offering good marketing strategies.

3- Twitter

Twitter is more of news feed site, which provides updates of current events regularly. It is known as the best trendsetter, which can be followed by millions of users. Twitter can help in creating content and promoting an account. The user can promote specific tweets, and attain more publicity and eventually increase the number of customers following. Users can retweet or share posts with their twitter account. With more followers in your Twitter account, a product can be promoted largely and new business levels can be achieved.

4- LinkedIn

It is a Social networking site, which is mainly dedicated for professional purpose. The user can build their network with other professionals through ‘Connections’, which can be sorted as first, second, and third degree connections. The site can be a powerful tool for job seekers and employers. So various companies can utilize this media to the maxim and earn a successful spot in the global market.

5- YouTube

Yet another effective social media is the YouTube, which provides ample advertising opportunities. The site promotes video files, which increase the scope of advertising. The site provides multiple resources to advertise and promote products very effectively. Being video-based social media the site has higher chances of attracting viewers. The attention span of the audience and the clarity of the ads play a vital role in YouTube.

These are some of the best social media-networking sites and they provide us with the best of advertising scope. With appropriate marketing strategies, the social media tool can earn high profit to your business enterprise.


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