5 Custom ROM’s for Samsung Galaxy Note N7000

So you are bored with same old stocks of firmware in your phone. Do you like to try some new things and different one? Then, this is the best move. This article will help you learn some well known custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Note N7000.

Take Note:

For you to set up custom ROM, all you need to do is install the roots of the device first. Here is some of Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Note N7000:

ICS Stunner

It is one ROM that’s made from android codes and features every recent features of the AOKP or the Android Open Kang project. If you load first the Stunner ROM, this will look like normal stocks Android but if you open the setting you will realize that true power in ROM is special edition known as euphoria control. Here, you may edit some elements of phone in the toggles, date, clock position, display, battery, and power control and position options. You may also have weather notifications on it.


This kind of Galaxy Note newly acquired its own Cyanogen mod. This is possibly the well known custom ROM and is at hand in several android devices, and it’s good to be familiar with the brains behind ROM. CM is similar with the store android practice though it has some improvements that make some faster and usually offers the user a battery that provides better life power. It is worth to note that you would need to flash recent applications from Google zip files together with the CM9 to have access in the play shops, Gmail, currents and the same Google applications.

Criskelo ROM

It’s an excellent kind of ROM based on latest LPY from Samsung. When you have looked for custom ROMs meant for Galaxy S 1 or S 2 then you will surely thank Criskelo for his finest ROMs of these devices. This ROM comes along with nice blue theme for ICS that looks the same with stock ICS ROMs stated previously though you can get benefits of the S note, S memo, plus Touchwiz in ROM. Its base has been heavily customized also to offer enhanced performance, better memory use and smoother scrolling. It is a secure ROM and might be worthy to consider if you like opting for that stock feel and benefit as well from conventional ROM performance.

Liquid Smooth ROM

This one is built on same course with the Stunner ROM and provides the same functions with the Euphoria control within the ICS Stunner. This kind of custom ROM is fast though it is very light as well so the entire useless applications are being eliminated. You can also find theme at hand for ROM within thread in XDA which includes blood red themes and black/white themes.


This is one incredible Gingerbread ROM which offers you all the things you can possibly wish from one conventional ROM, this got the speed, excellent life of the battery and is stable. Another included application in ROM is the Checkrom kitchen application that lets you download various MOD like the themes, touchwiz hack and some other helpful things. ROM has brought together combinations of two fantastic developers, Leomar and Gadgetcheck. The Checkrom hasn’t been updated in a while although it’s always been very secure and battery proficient for ROM.

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