5 Extremely Addicting iPad Games in 2013

Get ready for a deluge of new games in 2013 designed to give you hours of gaming pleasure on your iPad. These are games that have been developed especially for iOS devices, so the visuals will be terrific and the action virtually non-stop. Speed and graphics have been the mantras of current developers.

The iPad screen is the perfect outlet for the new creative genius behind iOS gaming technology, Colors, actions and backgrounds that are a sight to behold. This year is gearing up to grab the gamer’s attention by sight and draw them into very addicting gameplay.

Here are the top 5 iPad Games we’ve found so far:

Kumo Lumo

I bet you never thought you’d have fun with a game in which you play the exciting character of – a cloud. That’s right. You get to hang around and drift over a world of treed forests, proving much needed rain. Then you can chase down enemies and zap them with lightening. It’s a simple game that is full of beautiful imagery and stress releasing enemy destruction. Didn’t get that raise you wanted? Well now you can take out your frustrations in a virtual realm and have fun doing it!

The Lords of Midnight

Mike Singleton’s RPG hit of 1984, The Lords of Midnight thrusts you into a medieval fantasy land where you have build armies to defeat the enemy, Sauron Doomdark. The value of this game is the ability to play it one of three ways. There is the adventurous quest, ultimate military strategy or a combination. Try it one way, then try it another. It has a lot to offer for one game. Retro-style gaming seems to be all the rage these days and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed here.

Topia World Builder

Remember the game Populous, co-created by Glenn Corpes? He certainly had a hand in the development of Topia World Builder. It’s evident that many of the ideas were used in this games design. It’s been adapted to apply to touch screen gaming devices. You create the world and animals using your fingers. You can change things as you go along. It’s an entertaining game for those that really want to create their own reality. It may have gotten initial attention due to the creative energy behind it, but it stands on its own merit as being very engaging and fun. The large iPad screen makes this a truly must have game for your collection.

Death Dome

Here’s a great game for the crowd that loves action adventure gaming to include the possibilities of worldwide destruction by mutants or disease. The developer Glu released Death Dome to feed the hunger of end-of-times thrill seekers that have a need to try and save the planet. If you love the gameplay in Infinite Blade, you’ll love the huge mutant monsters and necessary skill build-ups it takes to win. Do you have what it takes to rid the world of this latest mutant scourge? You should find out!

Ben 10 Game Generator 3

Ben 10 Game Generator 3

Ben 10 has remained a huge hit with kids of all ages. The two previous releases are still picking up a range of wildly faithful followers. This addition will be no different. It offers 50 levels of enemies, objects and traps to confuse, confuzzle and challenge. This version offers a nifty addition for kids. They can create their own levels and challenges using an internal editor. They are able to share these levels with friends or family that has the ability to download them also. It might be a way to encourage some kid to become the next gaming genius. Who knows?

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  1. I Would suggest The Foundry with 100 Balls, as an add to this great list

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