6 Things to Look for in a PlayStation Wireless Headset

Discover Your Next PlayStation Wireless Headset

After buying a brand-new PlayStation 4, most people start to look into what accessories will really upgrade their gaming experience. Many people start with additional controllers and then move on to finding a decent gaming headset. A few years ago, most, if not all of PS4 gamers bought a wired headset, for good reason! Most wireless headsets had too many drawbacks like their high price point, required charging for a small battery, and latency that made competitive play difficult. Back in the day, these PlayStation wireless headsets would frequently break or disconnect, causing more pain than they were worth. Not only did you get these downsides, but the sound quality itself was usually on par with, or worse than, their wired counterparts.

Thankfully, that is no longer the case. With huge strides in technology across a bunch of industries, PlayStation wireless headsets have come a long way. Now you can get your hands on one of the best gaming headsets that do not have the same issues and that offer impressive sound quality with little to no latency. With a PlayStation wireless headset, now you no longer have to deal with knots in the cord and have the freedom to move around without worry.

Now there are many wireless headsets on the market and we will list a few qualities you should look out for when searching for your dream PlayStation wireless headset.

How to Choose the Right PlayStation Wireless Headset? 

Before you go out and buy the first PlayStation wireless headset you find on the shelf, you should consider these factors to know what you find to be the most important, and to know what to expect.

Audio Quality

Sound should be a top priority when picking your first or next PlayStation wireless headset. It should sound as good as possible so you are able to distinguish in-game sounds from environmental sounds. Super-fast sound gives you the opportunity to respond instantly to gunfire, footsteps, or distant sounds signaling a surprise attack.

Not only can it benefit you competitively, you can hear the minute details in story-driven games like the bustle of a tavern or the single cry from a crow at midnight. Having good sound quality can really draw you into the game, giving you a sense of immersion you would otherwise not have.

Battery Life

Everyone who owns a mobile device should know the pain of a terrible battery. Having a battery drain quickly can really make or break a purchase. This choice extends into the wireless headset market as well. You don’t want to run out of batteries in the middle of a gunfight or when hearing the teary monologue of your favorite character. Having a headset with a consistent battery that you can charge quickly is imperative to enjoying the game.

The preferred length of time for a battery to last per charge is 8 hours. Some headsets will have batteries last up to fifteen hours but it depends on the manufacturer and the specific headset. For charging, finding a headset that fully charges within one hour is a pretty solid metric to aim for. This gives you enough time to go out to eat, watch an episode or two of your favorite series, or finish up some chores.

Another great option some PlayStation wireless headsets have is a swappable battery that gives you two batteries that are swapped out so you never really have to take a break unless you want to, giving you complete control.


Many headsets come with a variety of features. Some PlayStation wireless headsets come with a magnetic charging station that can not only house your headsets while charging them, it makes them look cool as well. You will always know where these headsets are since the charging port makes it easy to set down and charge when you have to take a break.

Another great feature is the ability for the headset to connect to multiple bluetooth devices, which lets the user listen to music, talk to friends, and listen to a game all at the same time! Beyond this feature there are many more features to consider like the ability to connect directly to the PlayStation, noise-cancellation, dynamic chat, mic monitoring, and 5GHz wireless technology.

The top feature that any serious gamer should seek out is surround sound. Surround sound makes a huge difference when picking out a PlayStation Wireless headset. It lets you hear the exact direction and distance a sound is coming from and can really immerse you in the game. It also has one of the largest impacts on competitive games as you can react a lot faster to sneak and aerial attacks.


Of course, this is a major factor when picking out a PlayStation wireless headset. Price is a key determinant for any purchase and should be taken seriously when looking at brands. If you are looking for a cheap headset though, you should look predominantly at a wired set. No matter how low your budget is, you can generally find a decent enough wired pair. If you are dead set on a wireless headset though, there are roughly 3 price ranges you can aim for.

The top premium tier is above $250. This tier includes the cream of the crop where you can get all the bells and whistles. The middle tier is about $150 and these are generally high quality with many features that reduce latency, increase customization options, and are quite comfortable. The lower tier of pricing is under $100 for a PlayStation wireless headset but it might lack battery life or some important features.


When looking for a PlayStation wireless headset that you can wear for hours on end, comfort is an important feature. If you wear glasses it will be especially important for you to read comfort reviews before purchasing. Many headsets do not mention if they are for glasses or not. Certain brands like Turtle Beach and Razer do mention they are “glasses-friendly” so before purchasing a pair that does not mention it, check online for people who review it with glasses. Having that extra pressure on your head can give you headaches, increase eye strain, or put unneeded pressure on your head.

Regardless of whether or not you wear glasses, you should look for a headset that is lightweight, has a moderately-tight padded headband, and plush ear pads. The weight of the headset is important because it can begin to weigh down after hours of use and can start to hurt your head or ears if it starts to droop. Earpads usually come in either a faux leather or a mesh fabric. Leather feels better at first but can start to make your ears sweat and, in a lot of cases, the leather is known to peel after a few months which can make your headset look cheap or nasty. Mesh will be more breathable but can feel less comfortable at first. Make sure you have the long term in mind when picking your PlayStation wireless headset.


This is the one aspect many people want to say is unimportant but truly can be the deciding factor between spending $300 and $100 on a headset. Some headsets take on a mechanical look or a sleek look. There are many brands that focus on design, and some are more straightforward while others actually sacrifice quality or comfort for design. Make sure you are not only deciding on design when picking your PlayStation wireless headset.

Putting it all Together

No matter what you decide, make sure to factor in what you truly care about when picking your next PlayStation wireless headset but don’t forget about the long-term comfort, features, and battery when testing in the store.

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