65 Augmented Reality Apps for iPhone Users

Augmented reality apps aren’t just fun to use, they are also very helpful as well. We’ve been seeing this technology in movies for years, but it wasn’t until recently when it became available to the public. Nowadays you can use this fancy technology as long as you have a smartphone with a camera.

iPhone Apps

iPhone Apps

There are many applications that take advantage of this interesting technique, but we won’t be exaggerating if we say that iOS developers have done the best job when it comes to taking advantage of the augmented reality’s full capabilities. In this post you’ll find a lengthy list of augmented reality applications for iPhone to enjoy a wide range of features and functions:

1. Golfscape GPS Rangefinder

Many golf lovers with an iPhone use this app to get info about the golf course they are playing on.

2. New York Nearest Places

Explore New York with this app’s great augmented reality functionality. Chicago version is on the way too.

3. DanKam for iPhone

This augmented reality app helps color-blind people get over their problem.

4. SpyGlass

The SpyGlass app is pretty cool as it turns your device’s camera into a spyglass displaying GPS info and other details.

5. Theodolite

This fancy application serves several purposes – GPS, map, inclinometer & compass. Very popular among hikers.

6. Panoramascope

Another application that hikers often use to get real-time information about their surroundings.

7. AR Compass

Great application for campers and travelers who often visit uninhabited areas.

8. Robotvision

An interesting application that works well in both nature & the city. It displays details about the user’s surroundings.

9. Cyclopedia

A great tool that uses your camera to scan the surroundings and display information from the web about them.

10. Layar Reality Browser

Another application that displays information about the objects you see through your iPhone’s camera.

11. Localscope

Localscope uses information coming from social networks and search engines to give you details about your local surroundings.

12. Peaks

Climbers & hikers often use Peaks to learn more about their surroundings & the local geography.

13. Star Chart

Gaze at the stars and learn more about them thanks to the Star Chart application for iPhone.

14. SnapShop Showroom

Purchasing furniture is easier & more enjoyable with the SnapShop Showroom app for iPhone.

15. Augmented Car Finder

If you ever wonder what’s the exact model of a specific car, then you’ll find Augmented Car Finder to be a very useful app.

16. Pocket Universe

A fancy astronomy app that gives you details about the sky as soon as you point your iPhone’s camera to it.

17. Wikitude

A great augmented iPhone application that gives you valuable information about your surroundings.

18. buUuk

buUuk is a great app for every traveler, but unfortunately it currently supports a limited number of locations.

19. London Tube

This augmented reality application is a great choice for Londoners who want to effectively use the London Tube.

20. Travel Guide

This is one of the most complete augmented reality travel apps, so don’t hesitate to give it a try the next time you explore foreign lands.

21. Heads Up Navigator

A combination of GPS & augmented reality technology. Works well in both rural and urban areas.

22. SunSeeker

An interesting application that provides you with details about the Sun – its path, sunrise & sundown times, etc.

23. Dishpointer

Ever wondered how are satellites positioned? Use this app and you’ll have first-hand info about their positioning.

24. AR Basketball

Fire up your camera, start the app and enjoy the mini basketball court that just appeared next to you.

25. Sky Siege

An amazing augmented reality game that will certainly addict those of you who enjoy first person shooters.

26. AR Invaders

Fire up your iPhone’s camera and check out the aliens invading your surroundings. Fight them off & enjoy the amazing 3D gaming experience.

27. FirePower

A simple augmented reality application that helps stress relief by letting you shoot at surrounding cars.

28. Nearest Wiki

Point your camera at a local building or landmark, and the augmented reality app will give you information about it.

29. Spot Crime

An exciting application that provides you with information about crimes that happened in your area.

30. Nulaz AR Premium

Another interesting application that you can use to get more details about your surroundings.

31. Sea Breeze 3D

A great 3D application that provides you with details about the local weather & wind conditions.

32. AR Soccer

AR Soccer is a fun application that takes advantage of your camera. It generates a virtual ball that you can kick around.

33. iVision – Iron Man HUD for iPhone

If you saw the Iron Man movies, then you know of the fancy HUD that main hero sees. You can enjoy the same experience thanks to this fun app.

34. myNav

A useful GPS + AR application that you can use on your next trip.

35. Aure

A fun application that lets you interact with your surroundings and post feedback.

36. Satellite Augmented Reality

Get information about the positioning of over 360 satellites that are included in the app’s database.

37. AR Defender

Another 3D game that takes advantage of the AR technology in order to provide you with a great gaming experience.

38. Quick Writer

The application uses your camera and generates a keyboard that you can use to type while watching your surroundings.

39. Compass360

A great AR compass that shows directions & surroundings.

40. SketchWiz

Adds a “sketch” effect to your camera, so you can get a different view on your surroundings.

41. Urbanspoon – Restaurant & Food Reviews

Get details about local diners & restaurants by using this fancy AR application.

42. Junaio Augmented Reality Browser

This applications does a great job if you want to learn more about local events, listings and offers.

43. Taco Bell App

Find the nearest Taco Bell, as well as get AR info about its menu & nutrition.

44. Start & Planet Finder

Focus on a star and see information about it via the fancy augmented reality interface.

45. AR Augmented Car Finder

If you often park in unknown areas, then use the AR Augmented Car Finder to track your car via the fancy interface.

46. Find My Car

Another augmented reality application that will make it easier to find your car in unknown areas.

47. BuddyTracker

An interesting application that can be used by friends to find each other while they are out.

48. NYC Station Finder

If you aren’t familiar with New York City, then use the NYC Station Finder augmented reality app to get info about the local stations.

49. 3D Sun & Moon Compass HD

Another AR application that works as a compass with 3D graphics and extra features.

50. MindThePark

If you often forget where you parked your car, then use the AR MindThePark application to quickly find out your vehicle’s location.

51. Augmented Stereo App

If you want to try out stereo sound with a fancy augmented reality applications, then give this program a try.

52. Calq Lite Augmented Reality Search Engine

A fun AR application that will help you find more information about your surroundings.

53. 3D Little Godzilla

A fun application that generates an animated Godzilla by using your iPhone’s camera & the surroundings.

54. Phuket Travel Guide

A great AR travel guide that is used by thousands of travelers and hikers around the world.

55. KFC HK

Find information about the Hong Kong KFC restaurants, local menus & the nutrition of different products.

56. Wetherspoon Pub Finder

If you can’t choose one of your local pubs, then try the AR Wetherspoon Pub Finder which will help you make the right choice.

57. Be At One

Another augmented reality application that provides you with information about local cocktail bars.

58. Infinity9

An application that will appeal to any shopper. Its AR interface provides you with details about local shops, promotions and products.

59. Heads Up Navigator

Another GPS application that takes advantage of the augmented reality technology in order to provide you with better user experience.

60. Plane Finder HD Free

Get information about the flights coming in & out of the nearest airports. Ticket prices, schedules & other details.

61. Rail Planner

Plan your next trip by train by using the great AR Rail Planner application that is completely free.

62. Disneyland Mouseaddict

If you happen to visit Disneyland, then make sure to install this AR application and get info about all the local rides.

63. Mark!

A cool augmented reality application that lets you share the latest experiences from your vacation. Share photos, stories & more.

64. CamCompass

CamCompass is a fairly simple AR compass application that adds a fancy virtual compass to the surroundings.

65. Sun Seeker Lite

Sun Seeker Lite is the last entry on this list – a great AR application that gives you information about the sun’s path throughout the entire day.

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