7 Superb iPad Games You Must Check Out!

2014 was an excellent year for iOS and the iPad. Some of the games released really managed to exceed our expectations. From simple retro-style games to tricky puzzlers and massive RPGs, the following iPad games are a must-try.


The 2D puzzle-platformer proved to be a genuine masterpiece. Players take charge of Captain Viridian, who must save his “universe” from being destroyed. Featuring unique retro-inspired graphics, this award-winning iPad game is played by flipping your character between ceilings and floors. The gravity-flipping mechanics of “VVVVVV”, classic 8-bit allure and all-new Player Levels will keep avid gamers glued to their devices for hours.


If you’re a fan of the famous “World of Warcraft” game, then you’ll adore this ingenious card battle game. The free-to-play CCG allows players to select one hero to play with, out of 9 available choices. Created by the company behind WOW – Blizzard – “Hearthstone” is a true masterpiece. It combines the most captivating and enticing graphics, not to mention that the competitive gameplay will keep gamers alert and active.


“Threes” was a huge hit when it came out in 2014. It instantly grabbed attention with its simple yet unbelievably challenging gameplay and strategy. Out of the numerous math matching games available on iOS, “Threes” was hands down the finest. The cute puzzle game involved sliding numbered tiles on a framework in an attempt to combine as many multiples of threes.

Banner Saga

“Banner Saga” is a tactical RPG for iOS with the most interactive story. Unlike most games out there, this one allows players to make their own strategic choices. Players should be really careful because the decisions they make, will affect the game’s final outcome. In a struggle for survival, it’s fundamental that you avoid conflicts and make sensible decisions if you want to stay alive. Featuring the most gripping Viking-inspired tale, “Banner Saga” is an adventure game you don’t want to miss out on iOS.

Final Fantasy 6

Although it comes with an entrance fee of $15.99, Square Enix’s “Final Fantasy 6” is worth every dime. According to critics and fans, this mind-blowing RPG offers unparalleled gaming experiences. Featuring incredible graphics, a Magi-inspired theme and brand-new cinematic sequences, “Final Fantasy 6” is packed with challenging mini quests, an active time-battle system, magic spells, weapons and special skills. Simply put, if you’re an RPG fan and you fancy amazing gameplay depth, this iOS game will exceed all your expectations.

Monument Valley

“Monument Valley” is a superb piece of craftsmanship. Featuring lots of ‘wow’ moments, and packed with fascinating puzzles, the illusory adventure and gripping gameplay offered by this game will blow you away. If you haven’t tried it in 2014, you should give it a try right now. In “Monument Valley” players take charge of the silent princess Ida; they must guide her through a beautiful word, help her unfold optical illusions, uncover hidden paths and outsmart the puzzling Crow People.


“Rules” is another fascinating puzzle game, although it’s not meant for everyone. Deceptively simple, players will have 100 levels to surpass. It also involves memory-based challenges with numbers and colors, as well as countdown clocks in some of the levels to gradually increase the difficulty level of the game. Challenging and fun, “Rules” is worth try out because it’s both fun and challenging.

The iOS had the best year in 2014, so if you recently got an iPad and you don’t know what games to download, check out the ones we mentioned above. They’re all entertaining, challenging, and tricky enough to keep you engaged to hours in a row.

This is the guest post by Jason Phillips and Hidden Object Games 365!

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