How to Add Words to Android Dictionary?

Over the last few years, one of the things that have gone through several major changes is the way we type on our tablets or smartphones. The keyboards of the devices are getting smarter, while the third-party applications are being constantly improved. If you are Android user, then you have probably heard of Swype and SwiftKey. However, it doesn’t matter what application you are going to use – you have to know that the integrated dictionary on your device will always try to follow and in some cases it will mark some names or words as mistaken and will try to correct them even if you don’t want.

If you have some friends with weird names and your phone doesn’t want to understand that while you are typing those names they are correct – then you will need to add those words to the dictionary in order to make it stop correcting them. Thankfully, Android offers such option so it will not take you lots of time to fix this error.

Android Dictionary

The tests have been performed on Android 4.4 KitKat , but all of the third party applications has add-to-dictionary button that you can use. Basically the next time you want to add a word to this dictionary just take advantage of this feature.

If you are having trouble finding how to add a certain word to the dictionary, just follow the path: Tap on settings -> phone settings -> language & input -> personal dictionary.

Android dictionary

Once you’ve reached the destination you need to tap on the + icon and you will be allowed to type in the word you want.

You might also notice that there is an option for shortcuts. This function is great, especially when it comes to email addresses or websites. For example, if you visit Geeksuper most of the time, you can simply add shortcut GS and every time you type the abbreviation you will be redirected to the site.

Android dictionary

Alternatively, the next thing you can do is to tap on the word while typing on it and you will see the given suggestions

 Android Dictionary

Most of the third party applications will let you press on the word while typing and save it in the dictionary so that no errors will occur in future. In general, the process is the same.

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