Adventure Time Game Wizard: Latest Interactive Game for iOS and Android

If you’re looking for an exciting new Android and iOS app for your child that will allow him to express his creativity and ideas, then you are in the right place. There’s a new interactive game that looks promising called “Adventure Time”. This amazing new app let kids draw and play at the same time only by using the touchscreen or a pen and paper.

It seems that Adventure Time is gaining more and more fans ever since it penetrated the market in 2010. Since then, six series of the game appeared and a seventh is on its way. Your child will be very happy to meet with his favorite Cartoon Network characters like Jake or Finn and many others.

Find Out More about Adventure Time Game Wizard

Adventure Time Game Wizard has a cool feature called “Create”. With this attribute, children can create their own levels. They can draw using the digital editor or they can simply draw on a piece of paper and then scan the drawings with their phone’s camera.

As mentioned above, the game also has the “pen and paper” version. To enjoy this feature you have to download and print a special kit for your worksheets.

The kit includes gridlines that are very useful because they allow kids to plan 2D scenery for their levels. After all these are done, children can use “glyphs”. These are special elements like coins, power-ups or moving platforms. After you created your levels you can share them through the game called “Arcade”. This way others can play the game as well.

In-Game Features

Game Wizard offers many hours of gameplay, 5 unique environments and up to 7 swappable characters, including Ice King, Jake, BMO and Finn. The characters can be upgraded with the creator tools (found in the Game Wizard store). However, players need to collect coins to be able to purchase add-ons. As opposite to similar games found in the Android and iOS market, Game Wizard is unique because it lets players create their game with the in-game editor.


Cartoon Network worked on developing this new and cool app with Pixel Press. The two combined their knowledge and built on the previous technology used by those from Pixel Press for the iOS version launched in 2014. Cartoon Network charges £ 3.99 for the game. There are other similar games available like Ski Safari, Time Tangle or Treasure Fetch. There’s no doubt about, your kid will be delighted try them all out.

Adventure Time Wizard is not the most original game on the market, but it’s fun to play and extremely alluring for children. It fosters their creativity, and it compels them to use their imagination to create games. Many children enjoy playing it because it’s very simple, flexible and because it has a very intuitive interface. That’s why it increased so much in popularity in the last years.

This might not be the best app you have ever seen but it is definitely worth trying at least once. We’re sure that despite its downsides and extreme simplicity, your kid will adore it.

He will spend more time in front of an iPad’s screen, but at least he will be caught up in an interactive game that puts his imagination to the test.

A Series of Games abound with Adventure Time

If you don’t want play Game Wizard in the Adventure Time app then you’re in luck. There are numerous other games your kids can try out, including Foldify Zoo – where they create actual animals and then print them as paper craft. Another great option would be SquiggleFish which allows kids to draw and scan fish and other creatures from a virtual aquarium.

This is the guest post by Jason Phillips and Escape Games 365!

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