Amazing Free Business Apps for the Iphone 5

There are thousands of free apps out there trying to grab the attention of professionals. Which of them are worth installing? Let’s take a look at five excellent free apps that offer tremendous benefits to the 21st-century businessperson on the go.

free business apps

Here is our collection of Free Business Apps for Iphone 5 :

LogMeIn (LogMeIn, Inc.)

The age of the iPhone and iPad has revolutionized modern business precisely because it allows professionals to do almost anything from anywhere. Whether they’re traveling to an appointment, sitting on a plane or waiting in a lobby, businesspeople now have unparalleled access and flexibility to get work done from nearly any location. Enter LogMeIn, a free app that gives you the power to log into any PC or Mac remotely. Simply install LogMeIn’s software onto the desktop or laptop and you can log into it while sitting on the subway or waiting for a bus. You can edit your files, run applications, and troubleshoot computer problems. In the wireless era, remote access is king, and LogMeIn is your first step toward getting in.

PlanGrid (Loupe, Inc.)

If you’re an architect, designer, engineer or otherwise dabble in schematics, specs or construction plans, PlanGrid will be a perfect addition to your digital arsenal. Upload your digitized plans to PlanGrid’s website and they’ll sync automatically, making them easily and conveniently available on your iPhone 5. If you want to mark your plans, no problem; PlanGrid has an entire annotation suite that let’s you mark on the fly and on the move. Want to take some photos of construction progress? You can bring them into PlanGrid and conveniently pin them to your plans. PlanGrid offers a surprising wealth of options for a free app. For anyone who works with drawings and specs on a regular basis, it’s indispensable.

GoToMeeting (Citrix)

Web conferencing and webinars have been around for a while but now you can host a meeting from the palm of your hand. GoToMeeting gives professionals the power to collaborate anywhere at any moment, whether hosting a meeting or joining one. Use your iPhone’s camera to put your best face forward in high-definition while you present reports, slides, spreadsheet data, and more. With the simple press of a button you can retrieve documents from your email and throw them on screen for your colleagues to see. For an even more fully-rounded experience, use your iPad in tandem with your iPhone to take advantage of great features like a virtual whiteboard and highlighter.

SignEasy (Glykka LLC)

Security is more important than ever when working online, and SignEasy offers a safe, fast and efficient way to sign your documents and send them to those who need them. The days of printing and faxing are gone. Now all you need is an iPhone and a fingertip. Whether you’re in an elevator, in a meeting or sitting in your office, you can sign and send or receive signatures paperlessly. SignEasy’s crisp, intuitive interface makes it easier than ever to put your John Hancock on any form. It supports everything from PDF and HTML and you can import documents from a wide array of sources like email and Dropbox. You choose what color and style ink you want. As an added barrier of security, you can assign a password to control access to your documents and signatures.

Roambi Analytics (MeLLmo, Inc.)

As important as your voice may be in a presentation or when explaining a report, people understand ideas and information most easily through visuals. Whether it’s a line graph or a pie chart, data and projections make the biggest impression when they catch your eye. Roambi Analytics is a free app from developer MeLLmo that can convert a wide range of data into striking analytic visuals to keep your colleagues attention and effectively convey data. Pinch and spread graphs and charts to zoom in and out, highlighting and emphasizing the most critical pieces of information. Swipe to a different chart of the same data to give your audience a different angle and drive a point home. Roambi Analytics is a captivating visual tool for professionals trucking in the most crucial asset of all – information.

Sam Jones, the author, has been looking into the best business phones and is torn between the Apple and Android operating systems.

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