Amazon Fire Phone – All You Need to Know

Since the debut of the original Kindle Fire, the company Amazon hasn’t stopped surprising us with new products and within the next few pages we would like to pay special attention to such product – the new Fire Phone. The device features 4.7” display but this is not the most important part here – what really matters is that the smartphone has some really great technology tricks that will make up your mind and realize what it is so good.

Amazon Fire Phone

The device will be available from July 25 and below you will find some of the most important aspects of Kindle Fire and decide whether or not you are going to buy this great smartphone.

1. Price of Amazon Fire Phone

Despite the endless rumors that there will be subsidizing of some of the data and hardware costs for premium members, the price of the Fire Phone starts at 200$ for the 32GB version, and this goes along with 2 year contract with AT&T.

If you are more than determined to get this phone then you can choose among 2 annual contracts without activation fee and no down payment. The price of the contracts starts at 27$ per month (for 24 months) and there is also a option to upgrade after the 18th month.

32GB is definitely enough for most people but if you want to go and get the Fire Phone off contract, then you should be prepared to spend 650$ up front. On the other hand if you are willing to get the 64GB version then the cost is 299$ on contract and 750$ off.

2. Amazon Fire Phone Release Date

The next thing that matters most to people is the release date and whether or not the device is going to be available in their country. However, for US customers the Fire Phone will be on the shelves of the stores as early as 25 of July, so you will have to wait a little bit more in order to get your hands on it.

The other interesting aspect is whether or not the device will be available internationally. However, there is no official news regarding this topic up to this moment, but Amazon confirmed that the handset is ready for international roaming – music and apps can be purchased outside the US with credit card, however, movies and TV shows are restricted to the 50 states up to this moment. But who knows, maybe in future they will also be available.

However, Firefly is much more than just your best friend in case you are fond of shopping. The technology can be easily used to scan QR and bar codes, phone numbers, email addresses. Plus there is an integration with apps such as StubHub and iHeardRadio and numerous amount of 3rd party apps as well.

According to Amazon there are more than 250 000 movies and TV shows that can be easily recognized by the software as well as 35 000 000 songs from the catalog of Amazon Music.

3. Amazon Fire Phone – Firefly

If you are wondering what does the button on the left side of the device do…here is the answer. This is a dedicated button, called “Firefly” and it can be pressed everytime the user wants to identify something, such as a movie, a song, TV show or one of the millions of products sold by Amazon such as DVDs, CDs, household appliances and many others.

4. Amazon Fire Phone – Dynamic Perspective Feature

If you are technology geek, then you probably remember all those rumors according to which Amazon was working on a device that was capable of displaying 3D without glasses? Well, Fire Phone kind-of has that extra thanks to the Dynamic Perspective feature that corresponds to how you hold the phone and moves the device’s relation.

Dynamic Perspective also offers a variety of shortcuts so for example you will no more have to tap on the screen, because different features and menus can be called without touching the screen.

For example, if you tilt the device left or right it will simultaneously call the left or right panel of the navigating menus. A swivel action will take you straight to the notifications and the auto-scroll is really hand especially if you are reading a book. Basically Amazon has thought of everything that the user might want to use.

5. Amazon Fire Phone – Apps and Games

It is no surprise that the only apps and games that you can use are the ones made by Amazon and the integrated apps such as Maps, Messaging, Weather, etc.). Currently to this moment there are more than 250 000 titles in the Amazon Appstore, and most of the famous apps for iOS and Android can be found as well, so you will not experience any lack of software unless you like using not so popular applications.


Applications such as Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Whatsapp, Netflix and Pandora are available and Amazon keeps working on improving the quality and security of their apps.

6. Amazon Fire Phone Camera Performance

The camera is the next interesting aspect of the device because it is said to be really great and puts rivals such as Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5S. The reason for this is because the Fire Phone has one feature that both of the above mentioned phones lack – optical image stabilization, which works with the 13MP image sensor producing beautiful crisp images and great 1080p video

Perhaps, it is important to know that the Firefly button on the side of the device can also be used as trigger for the camera, so you could easily shoot photos in a matter of seconds.

On the front there is nothing to impress us – the camera is 2.1MP which is standard for Amazon and their devices. However, on the front there are 4 low-power infrared cameras used to track the movement of the user and this is how the Dynamic Perspective works.

7. Mayday for Instant Free Tech Support

The service called Mayday was initially introduced with the Kindle Fire HDX, but since the company realized how successful it was, now the service is also integrated into the Fire Phone, allowing free tech support in less than 15 seconds. You do not have to make an appointment or whatsoever, because the representatives of Amazon are available 24/7 all year long.

And since Amazon is in partnership with AT&T, Mayday service support will extend to the 4G LTE cellular network while the charges will be the same as normal data. But you’d better make sure to keep the Mayday sessions to minimum, especially if wireless network is not available.

8. Fire Phone Hardware

Aside from the great Dynamic Perspective sensor system which we discussed a few lines above, Amazon has managed to do really great with the rest of the hardware of the phone. The processor is 2.2GHz Snapdragon 800 with 2GB RAM and Adreno 330 graphics for great gaming playback.


Those features power a 4.7” HD “ultra-bright” display which, according to Amazon, is readable both indoors and outdoors. The talk time is set to 22 hours and 285 hours of standby.


Fire Phone comes with 9 LTE bands, 4 GSM bands and 5 UMTS bands capable of international roaming with 802.11ac wireless, Bluetooth and NFC support. All those features combined make the device more than great for people who are in need of something different and who are shopaholics.

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