Newly Leaked Images Confirm the Existence of a Home Button in the Apple iPad 3 Digitizer

Apple fans have been known to fanatically follow any new announcements about the latest gadgets offered by the world renowned brand, but the recent reaction that has surfaced at the iPad 3 images is almost unheard of. Before the unveiling of Apple iPad 3 digitizer the company has released images of the product in which ever-alert audience has raised eye brows over the disappearance of the home button.

Although, many played down such rumors by suggesting that the iPad in the image is simply placed in portrait mode, others believe that perhaps the designers at Apple have finally decided to do away with the home button in the latest version of iPad.

And then, there is also the conjecture that maybe Photoshop was used to tinker with the teaser images to remove the home button. There might not be any malice behind such an act as the folks at Apple would have thought that removing the home button from the image will not distract the readers from noticing other more noteworthy elements such as icons on the screen of the device.

However, allegedly leaked photos of Apple iPad 3 digitizer have pretty much confirmed that the device will feature a home button just like its predecessors. In the leaked photo, a home button similar to the one featured in Apple iPad 2 can be seen on both the white and black model of Apple iPad 3.

There is no denying the fact this little controversy played its part in stirring up the audiences so that they wait more anxiously for the new release by Apple. However, the idea of removing the home button from the Apple iPad as part of Apple’s futuristic approach has little substance because the home button comes across as an option most users like to have. On the other hand, the introduction of multi-gestures is quite fancy and would further appease the Apple fraternity, but might take a little time before it sinks into the minds of casual iOS users. As long as Apple continues to introduce new ideas subtly, its wide customer-base will find them quite attractive.

The fact that the Apple iPad 3 digitizer has retained the home button does not prove that this feature will stay there forever. Eventually, the home button might disappear into oblivion if Apple decides to adopt modernistic ‘bezel-less displays’ in the coming years. Until then all Apple iPad users can count on the home button to quickly take them back to the home screen within the blink of an eye.

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