Handy Apps for Web Designers to Speed Up Web Design Process

Modern tech has accelerated the pace of web design & development processes. Today we see lots of apps are being created everyday to facilitate the work of designers & webmasters. A person or a company looking to have a professional web design for their online presence can either go for a great web design company to have it done by professional web designers or can do it themselves by using the bunch of web design apps available free for all.


 Apps for Web Designers


Here we have collected some useful web design apps every aspiring designer can use for free to facilitate his creative venture.

Font Library

If you want to browse the whole range of google fonts then Font Library is the app you should go for. It is an open-source project, every web designer and webmaster must check out to have great typography options for his sites.


To see how your site will appear on various devices, you need to use .resizr which gives you a nice & clean idea about your site visibility on all types of devices.  You can test media queries as well by using this useful designer app.


If you want to see the statistics about JavaScript library usage then use Libscore which scans top million sites on the web & gives you the best results.

CSS Gradient Generator

For generating CSS gradients fast you can use CSS Gradient Animator. It lets you create beautiful CSS gradients to use on your site quickly.

Epic Favicon Generator

Web designers & webmasters love to use favicons to their sites. So here you need a favicon generator to generate the favicon of your choice & your required size. Epic Favicon Generator lets you create 20 different sizes for favicons to use one on your site according to your preferences.  Favicon size ranges from 16×16 to max 196×196.


If you are searching for an app for counting pixels of our images then Pixelcounter is the answer for it. It is an open source application for both windows & Mac users to let them count the pixels of images for better image processing & usage.

Device Metrics

Google offers a wide range of apps for web designers. Device Metrics is one of those applications. By using this app you can check the screen size, aspect ratio & resolution of a lot of devices we use today to access the websites.


For converting Illustrator docs into HTML & CSS you need to use ai2html app, which is an open source script for web designers & developers.

So if you want to do it yourself then use the above apps to speed up the web design process but if you are thinking to hire the professional design services then here is another good Egyptian company you can go for to have your website designed professionally.

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