Best 5 Features of OS X Yosemite

On Monday Apple announced two new things – the new iOS 8 and the OS X 10.10, also known as Yosemite. The presentation was split in two parts and while in the first one we heard more about iOS 8 in the second part we got to know the new OS X Yosemite and all of its handy features. If you are a Mac user or you follow Apple news closely, then you know that last year’s OS X Maverick focused on improving the system’s speed efficiency. However, this year’s update is going in a totally different direction – making the desktop operating system more similar to the mobile one and improving the connection between the two. All this is done by more translucent interface, an improved notification center that is almost the same as the one on iOS and a mirror image of the Safari browser for mobile.

OS X Yosemite

Basically, Apple announced that they will attempt to make the OS X fresher while keeping the main things intact in order to keep users familiar with the environment. Of course, the biggest innovation is the improved integration between iOS and OS X which will significantly improve user experience. Of course, there are other interesting features as well and in this post we’ll mention five of the best features of OS X Yosemite.

New & Improved Notification Center

Yosemite’s Notification Center will be very familiar to the one of iOS. Users will have access to the popular Today View which presents them with all the information they need. The information they choose to be shown in this panel will also be accompanied by a short summary for their today and tomorrow plans. Every user will also have the chance to use widgets which can be seamlessly integrated in the Today panel in order to increase the information provided by it. In short, the Yosemite Notification Center will give you the functionality you are used to seeing on your mobile, but with some minor improvements for your convenience.


The new Spotlight feature is pretty much the old Alfred, but with a different name and a few added features. Unlike Alfred, Spotlight won’t be located in the right top corner of the screen. It will appear right in the center and you’ll be able to quickly search for anything you can think of. As soon as you start typing your search query the service will start searching in all set locations – Wikipedia, contacts app, etc.

The best thing about the new Spotlight is that it will leech information from third-party services such as Bing, News, Wikipedia and others. This means that you’ll get more informative content that is more likely to help you. For example, if you decide to search for movies through Spotlight all you need to do is type the movie’s name and the service will instantly show you Rotten Tomato information, reviews and more. Maps results also appear directly in Spotlight, so finding directions is quick and easy. Overall, Spotlight is an incredibly powerful application that will certainly improve user experience on your desktop.

If you decide to search for a program like Pages, then Spotlight will also list all the latest documents that you’ve opened. This way you can quickly browse all your projects and select the files that interest you. Spotlight can also be used to search conversations, apps, iTunes store, music and much more.

OS X Mail

Apple’s Mail app was never popular among Mac users, but it seems like the OS X Yosemite will change that. The Mail app has been improving over the past couple of years, but this year seems to be the best in terms of new features for it – users will be able to quickly annotate PDFs and images, send large attachments and to use secure links. Users will also be welcomed by a revamped interface whose goal is to improve user experience by introducing a simpler and more usable array of menus.


Safari has been one of the core applications in Apple’s operating systems for years, but it isn’t a secret that many users aren’t satisfied with the app’s speed and efficiency. Sure, Safari looks great, but it definitely needs more work in the speed department and this is exactly what Apple promise we’ll see in the OS X Yosemite’s Safari browser. According to the Apple spokesmen, Safari will load JavaScript 6 times faster than its main competitors – Chrome and Firefox. Of course, we are yet to see whether Safari will be able to compete with the most popular browsers in the world of it will once again stay behind. The presentation also revealed that Safari will include a new and improved way to control tabs which should make it easier to modify and use the browser’s layout.


Translucency is a pretty simple effect that has been used in many applications and operating systems for years. However, Apple mentioned that the OS X Yosemite’s appearance will be significantly changed by introducing more translucency in all windows and core apps. This means that the applications you use will be translucent in places in order to show the background image you are using. This will give your entire interface a more personalized look which should lead to a more enjoyable experience for the user.


Listing all of Yosemite’s improvements and features will take many pages, so we decided to tell you about five of the most important innovations in our opinion. Of course, there will be other improvements such as the revamped and cleaner dock, improved controls and the modified overall environment that should lead to a more user-friendly interface. The ability to connect iOS with your OS X computer shouldn’t be neglected as well, because this feature will certainly make your life a lot easier. Thanks to the integration of iOS you’ll be able to make phone calls and send messages through your computer as long as your iPhone is turned on.

It is safe to say that Apple have decided to change their methods by presenting users with a more open operating system. The OS X Yosemite is prone to more changes and thanks to this we’ll be able to modify it according to our preferences. The new and improved features such as Spotlight and Safari will also make the new OS X much better, so all we can do is to wait and see if the OS X Yosemite will really be as good as expected. The OS X Yosemite full version will be available in this fall, but you can give it a try ahead of schedule if you sign up for the Beta Program which will give thousands of users the chance to test Yosemite before its release.

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