Best Hospitality Apps in Booming Hospitality Industry

With the festive season around and plans for making holidays, the much looked upon sector is the hospitality industry. The technological enhancements in the mobile app development sector have helped the hospitality industry to improve its business in its own unique way. The hospitality apps help to build a better client and customer relation. It not just enhances the business but provides a better communication channel with its guests. There are number of hotels and restaurants utilizing the mobile app technology to help food and travel lovers.

best hospitality apps

There are some advantages over implementing these applications as it helps guests in different ways. The guests can view various restaurants, cuisines, menus, online order, chef info, and much more. Other than these basic factors, some other benefits provided by these hospitality apps and it include- Hotel reservations can be handled in a much-planned manner with these apps. The online reservation systems serve the guests as well as the hotel or restaurants as it saves time and effort. With the help of these apps, you can promote your business based on the location. Online promotion for guests through various offers like guest coupons or reward points can enhance your hospitality business. Events conducted by the hotels or restaurants like – theme nights, birthday parties, wedding ceremonies etc. can be promoted to a great extent with the hospitality applications.

Some of the top hospitality apps are: App

The app provides an easy and safe way to make hotel reservations over 250000 hotels worldwide. It gives 17 million guest reviews and over 2.6 images of hotels. Some of the best features of the app include- location specific search, swift reservation process with just two steps, and sort and filter options. The most attractive feature of the app is the booking confirmation through your mobile device without any printing necessity. It is a free app and has been developed by

TripAdvisor Hotels Flights Restaurants App

The app is perfect solution for any travel and hospitality queries. It has over 75 million reviews from travelers and guests and help to locate the best hotels and restaurants. The details of the cuisine, price, and the ratings are available through the application. The user can also explore new locations as well as discover facts about a place. It also gives a chance to compare travel rates and avail new deals.

Expedia Hotels & Flights

One of the best apps designed for travel and hospitality. The Expedia Hotels & Flights app gives its customers a discount rate of about 60%. Hotel reviews from various customers are available through the app. A random searching, sorting and filter option is also available for its users. The app has been developed by Expedia, Inc. and is a free application.


The iHotel app is designed to search and make hotel reservations. The user can find more than 250,000 hotels worldwide. One of the exceptional features offered by the application is the Hotel Radar, which allows the user to find hotels with vacancy on a real time basis.


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