BlackBerry Curve 9320 – Another Proficient Member of the BlackBerry Family

No doubt, the Blackberry family was in demand of the potential users and customers for a very long time. It had its rule over all the other smartphones and still is the source of pleasure and gratification for a number of readers too, but there may be some of you who would agree that the RIM’S Qwerty keypads and the typical curve models have lost its captivation for some of the professional buyers. This might be because we see a wide range of sleek and lustrous touch screen in the advertisements and market. 

But without any qualm and uncertainty, the BlackBerry Curve 9320 is the masterpiece made from this unit. It is one of the curve models which is small in size and specs. There is a wide range of Blackberry phones in the market and Curve 9320 provides the customers with smartphone features that are not available at the representative feature phone.

Keyboard Design and Dimensions

You will find minute dimensions and a minor body detailing which is advanced and proceeded a further in Blackberry Curve 9320. As there have been other Curve models too of Blackberry, Curve 9320 replaces the famous one 9300 as it measures 109 x 60 x 12.7mm, slightly fat but easily can be gripped in a pocket.

If we talk about the RIM’S keyboard design, you will find the buttons easy to use, a fine click and a feasible handling for a hardcore messenger.

As the 9300 has the highest rating, unlike it, the 9320 Curve has a glossy back which lead to easily removable finger prints. For charging, the left bottom side has a Micro-USB port. There are two reassign able convenience keys.

Hardware and Software

With about 512MB RAM and internal memory of 512MB, the Curve 9320 stands out but ther are better Bold models which grasp the public’s attention. A microSD card is required to fulfill the memory need.   Moreover, it has 800MHz processor. The speed of performance is good. However, the app space has not grasped the attraction as Blackberry App World provides a few exotic apps than Apple App Store , for example.

While installing and upgrading the apps in Blackberry Curve family, the person get disconnected with the use of phone, so is the case with Curve 9320.

For your connection with other software and devices, the Curve 9320 has BB OS 7.1 software, which is the exclusive inclusion in the Curve 9320 and links you with iPods etc.

The Cameras

There is a 3.2 megapixel camera which is a normal, average result giving. It is, however, not like autofocus models, it has a fixed focus camera.

Video tops out at 640 x 480 pixels and again this is fixed focus. It might not hit the headlines for resolution or sharpness, but for social video again, it’s good enough.

Browse and Connect with the world

Unfortunately, for media and browsing, Curve 9320 is not a reasonable device as the resolution is 320 x 240 (164ppi). For scrolling and reading by zooming, you might be experience nuisance. Plus the 2.44 inch display makes it little less acknowledgeable than the price it demands.

The Battery Life

The sound quality of Curve 9320 is good with EQ options given. At last, the Curve 9320 comes with 1450mAh battery.

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