How to Build an App for Your Online Boutique

Building an app for your online boutique is another tool you can utilize to increase your revenue streams. It’s a fact that the market of e-commerce continues to grow every year.

To put into perspective, the total share of global retails sales in 2021 is expected to reach above 15%. If your business is not currently doing everything it can to have a strong online presence, then now is the perfect time to enter the app market.

You may be thinking, “How do you create your own app?”

Follow our instructions in this helpful post where we show you exactly how to build an app from scratch today. You don’t have to be a tech expert to create a beautiful app for your customers to order your products through!

1. Set Your Intentions

When creating your first app, you must consider your goals and intentions first.

This is the first step toward developing exactly what type of app you desire. As a business owner, what do you hope to achieve with your app one year and even ten years down the line?

These are some questions to ask yourself as you create your first app:

  1. What problem will your app solve?
  2. How will users interact with your app?
  3. Will your app cost money?
  4. Can your app be used in different countries?
  5. Can people use your app on different devices?

Once you begin thinking about these five questions then you will explore the process of getting into the backbone of how your app will begin to take off.

You need to post your goals and intentions somewhere to remember them as you develop your useful app. Keeping your intentions in mind as you enter the app market will deter you from changing your design look to fit in with the others.

2. Learn a Few Things Regarding App Development

To develop your online app, you’ll need to learn some skills. In order to create the best online boutique app for your business, you have to put in time and effort to learn through free courses.

Udacity offers free courses in learning how to build an iOS APP or how to build an app for Android. Udacity offers courses taught by industry pros to show you exactly how to build an app with the current skills you have.

Once you take the courses necessary to learn the proper skills to build an app, you can take it from iOS over to Android.

You can share your ideas with your instructor and watch your app transform from a simple idea to a feasible project.

3. Do Market Research

Take a cue from your competitors when choosing to build an app from scratch.

Since your business focuses on the e-commerce industry, keep your unique customer base in mind as you take on app building.

Who are your customers and what products do they make the most purchases of?

Determine where your core following comes from to focus on growing your loyal fans into repeat customers.

You need to understand the specific features of an app that works for online clothing shopping as opposed to an app for grocery shopping.

A minimum viable product, MVP, will have you interacting with your customers at a faster rate than ever.

Some important features to include with the app for online shopping are:

  1. Log-In pop-up page
  2. Product search bar
  3. User review page
  4. Check out services
  5. E-mail receipts
  6. Track shipping information
  7. Safe payment gateway

4. Sketch Your Idea Using Wireframe

One of the best tools out there to sketch your design ideas is incorporating a storyboard such as a wireframe.

You can bring your sketches to life from your simple drawings with a wireframe.

The blueprint you spend time crafting with the help of a wireframe is an essential step to build an app that is functional.

5. Start to Build an App

Once you craft your idea using wireframe, the building stages can begin.

You’ll need to establish the back end of your app prior to constructing your initial model. Choose a well-known back-end company to use their tools available to host the app.

One example is Applicasa, where mobile apps are the forefront of their company.

6. Ensure Professional Design

With millions of apps available to download, you need to have some enticing visual appeal with the one you make.

Whether you have a stand out company logo or a great color scheme, design elements factor into how well people will like your app. Of course, you are spending money to make money with your app, so paying close attention to the details of your app design will pay off.

Appearance matters as much as functionality. Users only have so much space to download apps onto their cell phones, which means they need to determine the best of the best to keep.

High-quality images are key. Use images that are not pixelated and have crisp, professional visuals designed to keep the user interested in seeing more. It doesn’t hurt to add some videos, too.

All products, even small Wovenlabel custom enamel pins, in your online boutique should be on display with a white background to draw attention to them as people search through your app.

The next step is to get high-resolution skins to start developing your UI, or user interface. Are the layouts you chose easy to navigate?

Always think about the user and whether or not he or she can get from point A to point B on your app in one fluid motion.

7. Modify Changes to Your App

After you upload your first draft of your app, make some modifications after beta testing it out. A platform known as TestFlight will help you test out your app before launching it into the world.

No app is perfect the first time around, which means you’ll need to demo it for your friends and family before releasing it into the app stores.

Let people experience it and let you know their honest opinions. Feedback is important when you invest so much time and money into something like a mobile app.

Take their criticism into consideration and continue tweaking the current layout of your app to make it better the next time around.

8. Release Your App

Once you’ve found the best version of your app, set it free.

Release your new app in the Google Play Store and through Apple so people can easily search it and download it for themselves.

You can choose to set a price for your app or to have it available for free.

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