How to Score Cheap Mobile Phone Deals

Cheap Mobile Phone

Getting cheap mobile phone deals can seem impossible sometimes. Your mobile phone is everything. It’s the first thing you look at in the morning, the last thing you look at before you sleep, and checking it between 47 and 82 times a day. Even though there are more cellphones than people in the world, you’d …


Top Audio Trends to Watch in 2018

audio trends

Every year industry experts and tech enthusiasts start talking about the emerging gadgets that are going to disrupt the market. People start wondering which essential audio trends are sweeping the audiovisual industry. So, what are the latest audio trends that you should expect to hear more about in 2018? While you might have heard of …


Mobile Application Testing 101

Mobile App Testing

With companies now spending an average of 40% of their app development budgets on testing, streamlining the process can save big bucks. If you’re new to app development testing, you should know that it can take extra weeks if not months to work out the bugs in your app. Make sure you allocate enough budget …


Google Chrome Remote Desktop App for Android Launched

Recently Google launched a new Chrome Remote desktop for mobile devices which will give the ability to all Android users to access their desktop computers from any place, as long as they have internet. Unfortunately, there is no iOS alternative up to this moment. This is actually not a new practice, since Google has been …


Get Swiftkey Keyboard for iOS 7!

Android has brought the old fashioned ‘text prediction’ with a new style by introducing Swiftkey Keyboard for iOS 7. Your typing experience cannot get more simple and easy. With this you don’t have to type the complete word. Just type in the letters and you’ll get the predictive words to choose from. How it is …


How to Add Words to Android Dictionary?

Over the last few years, one of the things that have gone through several major changes is the way we type on our tablets or smartphones. The keyboards of the devices are getting smarter, while the third-party applications are being constantly improved. If you are Android user, then you have probably heard of Swype and SwiftKey. …


Tips for Great Google Play Music Experience on iOS

Today all iOS users like using Google Play Music app. It allows users to upload music, use Google’s internet radio or create random playlists. The application for iOS is not as good as Android’s because it has some limitations, but we have figured out some good workarounds. Below you will find the ways how to …


Download Free Office for Android


Every Android user wants to be able to get the work done anywhere. And how is this possible? Pretty simple! All you have to do is to download this amazing free office that will let you do whatever you do on your computer on your mobile device. Isn’t this great? You will be able to …


Download Free Office Reader for Android

Here you can download free office reader for android offered by Kingsoft. This package includes word reader, excel readers and power point reader to view documents easily using your android devices. Using this office reader for android you can see everything including text, photos, shapes etc. Its interface is easy to use to find out …


10+ Cool Features of Android 4.4 for Nexus Users

Currently, the only device that has 4.4 is LG’s Nexus 5, so if you haven’t had a chance to give it a try, you might want to learn a few things regarding the latest Android update. KitKat has some really great features that will make every Android fan to look for a device with this …