Top Audio Trends to Watch in 2018

audio trends

Every year industry experts and tech enthusiasts start talking about the emerging gadgets that are going to disrupt the market. People start wondering which essential audio trends are sweeping the audiovisual industry. So, what are the latest audio trends that you should expect to hear more about in 2018? While you might have heard of …


Mobile Application Testing 101

Mobile App Testing

With companies now spending an average of 40% of their app development budgets on testing, streamlining the process can save big bucks. If you’re new to app development testing, you should know that it can take extra weeks if not months to work out the bugs in your app. Make sure you allocate enough budget …


Best Personal Finance Apps to Keep Your Spending In Check

Finance Apps

As smartphone ownership grows, we are getting more solutions for our daily lives. None more so than in personal finance. The app stores are allowing users to download quality mobile finance apps. Aside from unlocking doors through smartphones, apps can provide more important life solutions. For now, people are using their devices to pay for …


7 Superb iPad Games You Must Check Out!

best ipad games

2014 was an excellent year for iOS and the iPad. Some of the games released really managed to exceed our expectations. From simple retro-style games to tricky puzzlers and massive RPGs, the following iPad games are a must-try. VVVVVV The 2D puzzle-platformer proved to be a genuine masterpiece. Players take charge of Captain Viridian, who …


Important Reasons to Change to the iPad Point of Sale Systems

Many businesses are changing their point of sale systems from the traditional terminals and replacing them with mobile point of sale devices. The iPad Point of Sale device help to keep track of sales, will provide for more customer interaction, and aid businesses in accessing analytics at the touch of a button. Equipping staff with …


iPad Mini Review – Everything You Want to Know About!

After the successful launch of the iPad Air, Apple has come up with another exciting addition to their plethora of funky gadgets. The first feature most consumers have noticed about the all new iPad Mini is its steep price, being precisely $70 more than its predecessor. With that said no one can deny the fact …


Unique Design Features of the iPad Air

The iPad Air, Apple’s latest installment in its arsenal of tech gadgets, offers many unique design features you won’t find in previous versions. Touted as lightweight — weighing in at less than a pound — the iPad’s new, sleek aluminum design shed about 25 percent of the volume from the previous generation, making it even …


Review of Google Nexus 7 vs Apple iPad Mini

An Apple spokesman Schiller while comparing the two tablets said that “the extra 0.9 inches is a very important difference. There is no dispute that on the big screen you can see more”. But how correct is like comparing devices. Let’s try to move the logic to other devices. What would he say about a …


Great Multi-Player Games for iPad

ipad games

When it comes to mobile gaming, nothing beats being able to play online with your friends or random strangers; the advent of the multi-player genre was by far one of the best decisions made by developers. While single-player titles can indeed offer hours of entertainment, there is only so much time available in “campaign mode.” …


How to Record Your iPhone, iPad Screen Activity?

Almost everyone wants to learn ways by which they can record their iPhone or iPad screen activity. Recording the screen activity of such devices is by no means easy. You also need to consider the fact that while there are certain ways you can do so, these are not free and are expensive. However, let …