Best Personal Finance Apps to Keep Your Spending In Check

Finance Apps

As smartphone ownership grows, we are getting more solutions for our daily lives. None more so than in personal finance. The app stores are allowing users to download quality mobile finance apps. Aside from unlocking doors through smartphones, apps can provide more important life solutions. For now, people are using their devices to pay for …


5 iPhone Apps You Should Know About

best iphone apps

Nowadays there are numerous great apps that can make everyday headaches go away. They can be pretty helpful when it comes to boosting your productivity, staying in touch with coworkers and friends, learning new skills and many other things. Therefore, here are some handy apps that you probably didn’t hear about, but will definitely improve …


iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S7: Select the Best


The selection of smartphones keeping in mind the features triggers a continuous debate and it is going to last for eternity because every year or so different prominent companies launch smartphones equipped with features that a man can only imagine. Recently it is being debated that Apple’s latest model iPhone 7 will dethrone the Samsung …


Apple iPhone 7 Plus Review : See What Makes it So Exciting?

apple iphone 7 plus

Similar to how the Galaxy S7 Edge perfected the design and features of the Galaxy S6 Edge, the new Apple iPhone 7 Plus perfects the iPhone 6s Plus design as we look to 2017 when Apple may offer a significant design change. Read more..

iPhone 6 Features: Expect a Grand Look

Apple’s new iPhone 6 is on its way to the market and lot new is being expected in latest version of iPhone. A look at some of the improved and upgraded Apple’s grand features, which definitely be part of the new device, might make it worth buying. Most of the features in iPhone 5 are …


Moshi SenseCover for iPhone at $45

Moshi SenseCover for iPhone 5/5S

Most of us are using flip-covers but there is one really big problem with those types of covers. While the front cover offers really great screen protection, you might have serious problems trying to answer the call or holding the phone next to your ear. Don’t worry – Moshi came up with a great solution. …


Get Swiftkey Keyboard for iOS 7!

Android has brought the old fashioned ‘text prediction’ with a new style by introducing Swiftkey Keyboard for iOS 7. Your typing experience cannot get more simple and easy. With this you don’t have to type the complete word. Just type in the letters and you’ll get the predictive words to choose from. How it is …


Best iPhone Repair for Scottsdale Users

For those of you who own iPhones or any iOS related device – this website is considered to be one of your best helpers. If something happens and you drop your device or damage it in any way, feel free to contact iRepairPlus simply because they are known as one of the best iphone repair …


Is the iPhone 5C the Best Mid Priced Phone Out There?

Choosing a new phone is one of those pressing consumer decisions we have to make every year or so, and each time it just seems to get tougher with more and more great handsets on the market, and prices becoming ever more competitive. The iPhone was always somewhat out there on its own at the …


Why Buying iPhone 5C Insurance is as Smart as the Phone Itself!

When Apple launched their newest iPhones last month, the interest was, as always, huge. The new top end iPhone, the 5S, offered some cool new camera features as well as a nifty new fingerprint scanner (made out of a sapphire, too, so now your iPhone even has its own jewels!), and was pretty well received, …