How And Where To Find A Great Deal On A Comfy Gaming Chair

Comfy Gaming Chair

No matter what game you’re playing – if you’re sitting in an uncomfortable chair, you’re not gonna be having much fun. With the help of a great gaming chair, though, you won’t ever have to worry about being uncomfortable. Finding a comfy gaming chair isn’t exactly easy, however. With so many to choose from, how …


6 Things to Look for in a PlayStation Wireless Headset

Best Headset

Discover Your Next PlayStation Wireless Headset After buying a brand-new PlayStation 4, most people start to look into what accessories will really upgrade their gaming experience. Many people start with additional controllers and then move on to finding a decent gaming headset. A few years ago, most, if not all of PS4 gamers bought a …


PlayStation VR Review : Specs & Issues

ps rv review

Since the phenomenally successful crowd-funding campaign for Oculus Rift in 2012, the idea of an affordable – and functional – virtual reality headset has obsessed the consumer technology industry. Afterwards, we saw video game publisher Valve partner with phone manufacturer HTC on the high-end Vive headset; we saw the smartphone-powered Gear VR and the budget …


Minecraft PS3 1.06 Update; Expected to Release on May 16

In next few days you will be able to get another game for your collection. However, the size of the game is no enormous and there was no person who expected it to come to blu ray disc. On the other hand – Minecraft PS3 had broken all those myths. Finally the game is about …


PlayStation 4 Firmware Update 1.7; What to Expect?

Recently, a few images of the PS 4’s new firmware were released. The PlayStation 4 Firmware Update 1.7 is about to hit the western shores in a matter of weeks. However, the interesting thing about those pictures is the fact there are some new features that hasn’t been announced yet. The first thing that made …


PS4 vs Next-Gen Xbox

PlayStation 4, the next generation of Sony gaming console has already been announced. However, we expect the answer of Microsoft to be given really soon – on 21st of May. We have to admit that both devices are highly expected and thus lots of rumors regarding them were circulating the internet for the last couple …


40 Years of Delightful Atari’s Pong Gaming

One of the first video games to hit mainstream popularity is Pong, often marketed as PONG. This is a table tennis sports game that features two-dimensional graphics. More information on PONG Designer: Allan Alcorn Platform: Arcade Developers and Publishers: Atari Inc. Genre: Sports (table tennis) Released on: November 29th 1972 How this game is played …


Best Gaming PCs under 1000 Dollars

Alienware X51

PC gaming is arguably the most popular pastime in the world, while some would even describe it as a passion. The fact of the matter is that there is a vast majority of PC users who crave to enjoy hair-raising and awe-inspiring video gaming experience at their personal computers. Financial constraints pose as an obvious …


Review Of The Nintendo Wii U

Home consoles have been one of the greatest sources of entertainment for the past two decades. During these years we saw several generations of home consoles, the last one of which was the 7th generation. The foundations of this generation were established by the Xbox360 which was launched exactly 7 years ago and completely changed …


Top 5 Hottest Gadgets for This Holiday Season

Every year, millions of people wait in eager anticipation of the latest, greatest, and hottest gadgets for the holiday season. Companies strategically release the best of their products during the holiday season, to cash in on this excitement, and this year’s line-up promises to top last year’s once again. Top 5 Hottest Gadgets : iPad4 …