Google Pixel & Pixel XL Unveiled: What is Expected?


    Google is betting that “Made By Google” will matter in the hardware market, as it rolled out a pair of high-end smartphones using its Pixel brand. The real pitch: Google can integrate hardware and software with artificial intelligence at the core.Read more..

Google Play Store 5.7.10 Update; Striking Features

Google usually release updates for their Google Play Store application once a month. However, these updates are rather major, and they often include a long list of improvements, bug fixes, and exciting new features that make the wait worthwhile. The latest version of Google Play Store was released just hours ago, and no one will …


Nexus 6 Release Date and Specs

google nexus 6 specs

With time, the competition between smartphone manufacturers has become ever more severe. Everyone is trying to introduce ever more advanced technologies within a shorter period of time. One of the hottest new releases is Samsung Galaxy Note 4. iPhone 6 is rumored to be released soon and release date of Nexus 6 formally referred to …


The History of Listening

From vinyl to tapes to digital, YTD chronicles the history of how we listen to music. Brought to you by YTD Video Downloader

Searchonymous: Firefox Add-on to Search Google Anonymously


When it comes to internet searches, lots of people want to protect their privacy. This is completely normal simply because you do not want everyone to have access to your personal searches. Well, there are several ways in which you can do that. The first one is to start using another browser, the second one …


15 Tricky Tips for Google Drive for Efficient Performance

Google Drive has become one of the most popular cloud storage services. It is completely free and every user gets plenty of space that can be used to store all kinds of files ranging from documents several kilobytes in size to archives that can be several gigabytes big. Apart from the big storage you’ll get, …


Google Chrome Remote Desktop App for Android Launched

Recently Google launched a new Chrome Remote desktop for mobile devices which will give the ability to all Android users to access their desktop computers from any place, as long as they have internet. Unfortunately, there is no iOS alternative up to this moment. This is actually not a new practice, since Google has been …


Google Nexus 5 Review

Nexus 5 is definitely some of the best Google devices out there. It runs on Android and besides all of its great features, it is considerably affordable, especially when you know the price tags of all its main rivals. The device is really stylish, fast and refined…and you can get all this at a considerably …


3 Steps to Stop Google+ Users from Emailing You

Do you want to know how to easily stop Google+ users from emailing you, who don’t know your Gmail address? If yes, this post is for you! Earlier this year, Google announced its plans for a new feature which will let a user of Google+ send out an email to any other user, regardless of …


Get Swiftkey Keyboard for iOS 7!

Android has brought the old fashioned ‘text prediction’ with a new style by introducing Swiftkey Keyboard for iOS 7. Your typing experience cannot get more simple and easy. With this you don’t have to type the complete word. Just type in the letters and you’ll get the predictive words to choose from. How it is …