Drop2App: Free App Maker via Excel Sheet


Online technologies are advancing with each passing week, but probably few of you thought that we would be able to create fully functional mobile applications without having any knowledge of programming languages. Although this is a relatively new concept, it certainly has a bright future ahead of it judging by the increasing number of services …


5 iPhone Apps You Should Know About

best iphone apps

Nowadays there are numerous great apps that can make everyday headaches go away. They can be pretty helpful when it comes to boosting your productivity, staying in touch with coworkers and friends, learning new skills and many other things. Therefore, here are some handy apps that you probably didn’t hear about, but will definitely improve …


Handy Apps for Web Designers to Speed Up Web Design Process

 Apps for Web Designers

Modern tech has accelerated the pace of web design & development processes. Today we see lots of apps are being created everyday to facilitate the work of designers & webmasters. A person or a company looking to have a professional web design for their online presence can either go for a great web design company …


Top 5 Business Apps 2015

top business apps 2015

Entrepreneurs must always look out for new ways to enhance their company’s productivity and efficiency. Nowadays there are countless ways to do that, and many of you may be surprised to hear that there are even mobile business apps that may help you with this difficult task. In this post we’ve prepared a short, but …


Invisible Text App; Delete Unwanted Sent Messages

Once you click the Send button, it is all over. The message will reach in seconds and you have no choice but to deal with the consequences, even if you have sent it by mistake either in a moment of weakness or in a drunken state. This no longer has to be the case as …


65 Augmented Reality Apps for iPhone Users

Augmented reality apps aren’t just fun to use, they are also very helpful as well. We’ve been seeing this technology in movies for years, but it wasn’t until recently when it became available to the public. Nowadays you can use this fancy technology as long as you have a smartphone with a camera. There are …


Beats Music App Added to iOS App Store

Beats Music App

The Beats Music App has been available since January, but up to this moment it was listed as being developed by Beats Music, LLC. However, if you have followed the news closely, then you are probably aware that Apple purchased Beats in May 2014, and they quickly helped grow the company’s software and hardware’s popularity. …


Top Lifestyle Apps

Having a smartphone is great for many different things, and downloading apps to help with day-to-day life is just one of the useful things which you can do with your device. iPads, tablets and even modern computers allow you to download a wide variety of applications, and whether you Iike games, cooking, there are lots …


Google Chrome Remote Desktop App for Android Launched

Recently Google launched a new Chrome Remote desktop for mobile devices which will give the ability to all Android users to access their desktop computers from any place, as long as they have internet. Unfortunately, there is no iOS alternative up to this moment. This is actually not a new practice, since Google has been …


Xbox One SmartGlass Beta App Launches

If you are a member of the Xbox One dashboard preview application then you probably are eager to find out more about the newest features that will be included in the Xbox One SmartGlass App. You can rejoice, because you wait is finally over – you can now take a sneak peak at the application’s …