Quick Guide : How to Install Windows 8

You might have heard a lot about Windows 8 and have finally decided to buy it. The one thing that is holding you back is that you’re not sure how to install Windows 8. Well, there’s no need to fret as we’ve got you covered with this quick guide. And, no, you don’t need a …


Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Review

Surface Pro 3

Microsoft is getting really good at making tablets and different devices that are not only powerful, but compact and comfortable as well. And speaking of such devices, we can’t help but mention their latest creation – Surface Pro 3. This devices has been recently released and every since its announcement it has been a huge …


Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Review

Panos Panay, the Vice President of Microsoft told media at the launch of the product that Surface Pro 2 was being developed for the last 18 months. It means that this new product should have a lot of improvement and new features over its predecessor. However, it does not appear to be the case at …


How to Disable Start Screen in Office 2013?

The new Microsoft Office 2013 software suite comes with many improvements and while most of them are very good and helpful, there are some inconvenient features like he Start Screen. Each time you launch Word, PowerPoint or Excel, you see a Start Screen that gives you access to your most recent documents and saved templates. …


Microsoft’s 7 inches Mini Gaming Tablet vs iPad Mini

There is a large amount of options available on the market today when it comes to tablets. It can be very difficult to tell the difference between the benefits of purchase one tablet over another. Now that Apple has launched their iPad Mini, and Microsoft has launched the Surface right around the same time many …


Install MS SQL Server 2008

If we have to create and manage small database or even a medium one, we need a relational database and that is MS SQL server 2008. It has various in built tools, which help not just in creating but analyzing and integrating of various services which are used by developers of database. This database was …


Best Microsoft Office Software

Microsoft Office is one of the most popular software packages used for creating text files, presentations, spreadsheets and much more. The package can be tailored by the user to include a number of extra office applications. The microsoft office ohjelmistot software package is developed by Microsoft and is written by C++. It was first introduced …


OS X Mountain Lion versus Windows 8

With the release of Windows 8, there are a lot of speculations on how the new Operating System is going to fair against Apple’s latest Operating System, Mountain Lion. Microsoft announced their intention of releasing new Operating System compatible across touch and type platforms in 2011. Since this announcement, Apple has released two Operating Systems: …


Is It Now Microsoft Surface Versus Android Tablets?

The tablet wars have started again.  Microsoft is challenging the hold of iPad over the other tablet PCs in the market.  However, Android based tablets refuse to let go and are also starting to gear up for the competition.  We can say that it is the Surface Tablet and the Android tablets will go on …


Microsoft Surface Tablet Ready to Join Three-Way Battle with Apple and Google

Just last week Microsoft revealed their newest device – the Surface. Judging by what we saw, the Surface will certainly be a functional and unique device which probably reveals more about Microsoft’s feature plans – it seems very likely that Microsoft will join the battle for the tablet market with Google Inc and Apple Inc.