How Hacker Turned Nokia 1100 to Smartwatch : Amazing


When it comes to smartwatches, one has an array of options to choose from.  These include Apple, Samsung and Sony. However, hacker Daniel Davis decided to make his very own one using an old Nokia 1100. Read more..

Nokia Lumia 800 Review

Lumia 800 is the first offering from the house of Nokia after striking a deal with Microsoft for the use of Windows OS. This smartphone makes use of the latest OS from Windows called Windows7.5 Mango. When you take first look at this smartphone, you will find it very similar to the design of earlier …


3G Enabled Nokia Phones: Nokia 207, Nokia 208 Announced

Recently Nokia announced it will release 3 new low-range phones – 207, 208 and 208 dual SIM which will support 3.5G internet standards. However, Nokia 207 and 208 are closely related. The only difference is that 208 have a camera and different features such as self-portrait, panorama mode and sequential shot. Plus it also comes …


Nokia Lumia 1020 Review; Specifications and Price

The next really long-anticipated device from Nokia is going to be from the EOS series. Probably its model name will be Lumia 1020 and will be the predecessor of the well-known Nokia 808 PureView. However, this will be definitely an improved version because of its 41 MP camera and Windows Mobile operating system. There are …


Nokia E5 Review

Nokia E5 – this is the name of one of the latest devices from the Finnish tech giant with which they will try to straddle the personal and professional lives of their users. A couple of years ago Nokia’s E-series were really successful and were known as business phones. Those types of devices were gaining …


Nokia Lumia 925 Review – Specs, Features and Price

Nokia is hell bent on recapturing its share of the mobile phone market with the Asha and Lumia phones. It’s not long since the company launched Lumia 920. While Asha phones run using the Symbian operating system, the Lumia 920 runs on Windows 8. Now, Nokia is getting ready to debut the Lumia 925. The …


Nokia X2-01 Review

Recently, T-Mobile has been building out their prepaid cell phones lineup. This is why we would like to pay attention to Nokia X2-01 costing 80$. It is a pretty good device for this amount of money and thanks to its physical QWERTY keyboard and form, people will find it pretty attractive. However, the camera of …


Nokia X2 Review

Nokia X2 The camera can be adjusted so that it can take pictures in 2 resolutions – 320×240 and 640×480. That’s a bit disappointing, even for VGA shooter, plus you will not be able to take advantage of many editing options. There is only a 4x digital zoom, self-timer, three white balance options and three …


Nokia C3 Review

The first impression that Nokia C3 will probably made on you is that it looks a bit familiar with the popular E71. Thanks to its full QWERTY keyboard messaging is as easy as game, however, the lack of 3g connectivity is a big minus. Nokia C3 Design When it comes to getting a new prepaid …


Nokia C2-01 Review

Nokia is the type of tech giant that has always been trying to dominate the low-range phone market. The Finnish manufacturer realizes that there are millions of people all around the world that are looking for a simple device that can make and receive calls – no additional features! This is where Nokia C2-01 comes! …