Facebook Launches New Marketplace Better than Craigslist


    This post talks about ‘Facebook Launches New Marketplace Better than Craigslist‘. Facebook Marketplace lets you browse a relevancy-sorted feed of things to buy from people who live nearby, and quickly list your own stuff for sale. Integration with Facebook Messenger lets you haggle or arrange a meet-up, and you know more about who …


10 Things You Should Never Post on Facebook

Social media has revolutionized the way that we interact with each other – and led to many people oversharing information that could be potentially embarrassing, costly or even dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands. What you post online could cause you to become the victim of a crime, or endanger your friends and …


How to Enable Chat Heads on iOS Facebook?

Facebook has recently updated their application for iOS bringing one really great feature called Chat heads. However, the feature will work only if you are using the application, so if you don’t have it – it might be better to download it. Apple promised that Chat Heads will roll our over the coming couple of …


How to Make Free Calls via Facebook New App?

Facebook has recently released an update for their messenger application for iOS. Now you are able to make free calls (in case you live in UK). The good thing is that you don’t even have to update the application. The update is now available so if you live in Canada or US, you can freely …


5 Best Social Media Sites to Use as Powerful Advertising Tool

Social Media plays a critical role in marketing a product and can become a powerful advertising tool. Each social media works differently and provides distinctive results. Before you utilize the power of social media for advertising, you should analyze the target audience and based on the business type the social media can be customized and …


Things Which Make Facebook Interesting

It’s the blessing of technology that today we can cover long distances to meet our loved ones in seconds. Every one now sits at a distance of one click from you. Various tools have been developed to connect people the social networking websites are among them. Basically a social networking service focuses on building social …


Facebook new Camera App for iOS, iPad review

Facebook Camera App for iOS works on all iOS power devices, such as iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. While there are plenty of image enhancement applications available for iOS gadgets, Facebook Camera has the advantage of being tied to the popular social network, that now sports over 900 million users.

Changing the Landing Page of Your Facebook

The profile page in every Facebook account looks simple. The only difference that sets your profile page apart from others are the content that you post describing you or of a certain topic that you feel like you want to share over the internet. But if you want to create a profile page for your …