Best Gaming Headset 2017

Razer Kraken Pro V2

Gaming headphones highlight over-ear design on all events so as to better suit their substantial audio drivers. Soft and large ear pads are another essential requirement for the range of the product, just like a quality microphone is required for in-game correspondence. Steelseries Arctis Series This brand-new and advanced series of gaming headset by Steelseries …


Top Rated VR Headsets in 2016

oculus rift vr headset

Recently there has been an increase in the popularity of Virtual reality, a new technology that has created a boom in the industry. There’s also has been a significant increase in the demand for VR apps for Android as well as iOS smartphones. VR headset is basically a head mounted device that provides user a …


Tact9000 LED Flashlight – Essential Tech Tool for Camping Trips

Survival_Flash_Light Tact9000

Flashlights are a simple and valuable tool that can come in handy in all kinds of situations – natural disasters, unexpected power outages, working in pitch dark environments or enjoyable hunting trips. Regardless of your hobbies, you can rest assured that at some point you’ll need a flashlight, and when this time comes it is …


Samsung Gear S Smartwatch with Curved Screen Released

Gear S Smartwatch

With the release of its latest smartwatch, Samsung Electronics took a decisive step towards solidifying its presence in the market for technologically advanced wearable. This is the sixth product launched by the company into this market for the year. The device comes equipped with a 2-inch curved Super AMOLED display, which enables you to check …


Samsung Virtual Reality Headset Unveiled

samsung Virtual Reality Headset

It seems that the next big step for smart phones will be virtual reality. Samsung presented its first virtual reality headset in an attempt to outperform its major rival Apple. The device was created in cooperation with one of the leaders in VR technology, Oculus. With virtual reality headsets, users are able to enjoy greater …


Best Tablets and Smartphones of IFA 2014

IFA 2014 isn’t so far away, and millions of people are eager to see the new home appliances and consumer electronics that some of the top manufacturers in the world will show us. However, most people are attracted to the “smart” part of the convention – there we’ll see all kinds of innovative smart gadgets, …


Apple iWatch; Release Date, Specs, Availability & Price

Apple iWatch is one of the most anticipated products for the past two years. However, there still isn’t an official release date announced by Apple, but judging by all the rumors going around, the official announcement of Apple’s iWatch isn’t that far away. Many other companies have already released their wearable smart devices, and everyone …


Get Kindle Fire OS 3.1 Update HERE!

Last year’s September Amazon released one of their best devices – Kindle Fire HDX and along with this one more device was announced – Kindle Fire HD. The great news about those devices is the fact they came with a new Fire OS 3.0. And since kindle fire OS 3.1 is currently on the go, …


Great Products for Geeks from Excelvan at 5% Off

The world of electronics is rapidly developing and each year we users have access to the products of countless of new brands. It is up to your personal preference to decide whether you’ll trust reputable and experienced manufacturers that offer higher prices or if you’ll take a riskier way and try the devices offered by …


Best CES Gadgets 2014 to Buy

 It is no secret that CES is long-awaited by people who are really keen on technologies. This is why the conference is being held on annual basis and so far it has never disappointed any of its fans thanks to the great amount of gadgets that are being presented there. We know that most of …