Challenges in Online Reputation Management and How to Beat Them

Online Reputation management is becoming a must for all small and big enterprises these days. It’s not just the brands, but even individuals need it. The obvious reason for it is that today, the World Wide Web has made one’s profile accessible to just anyone right at their finger tips. Gone are the days when knowing about anyone or any brand requires some serious detective work. It’s all just a piece of cake for someone to know what people think and talk of you. Your online reputation matters so much more today, as you are judged by your online presence. You are chosen by anyone (even your potential clients/employer) based on how well you are projected online.

If you have not yet embarked upon taking care of your online reputation, you better do it – It’s high time.

Before getting your feet wet, it is wise to know what kind of hardships you might face while trying to fix your rep.

Here, I have compiled a few challenges you are sure to face while managing your reputation. Don’t worry; I will also help you beat them.

Bad records stay on: Once if someone posts about a bad experience with you, it’s enough to get you down in the eyes of many others who come across that particular opinion about you. The worst part is that bad stuff stay for really long.

If this happens in the form of a negative review about you or your brand by a dedicated site/blog, get it flagged using Google URL removal tool.

But, most of the negative reviews happen to be placed in reputed review sites like Yelp. In such cases you need to get into contact with the site’s management.

Another way of dealing with this is getting positive reviews for yourself from your happy clients and SEO those to show up in the initial search engine pages, thus out-numbering the negative ones. Ensure that you do this ethically, because paid unnatural reviews cannot save you for long.

Reputation management needs expertise: Online Reputation management is all about finding what is wrong and fixing it with some tactical tweaks in the way you are projected. Right?


Though it seems so simple and straight forward, it isn’t so.

It involves lots of deep digging to fix the passé. On the other hand building a fresh rep needs well engineered strategy. To top it all, reputation management gulps a lot of your time (as it is a continuous and dynamic part of your business), which otherwise could be spent in doing something you are really got at and like to.

Thankfully, with the emergence of need for reputation management, some reliable companies are offering expertise in the same line, which you can resort to.

Your Reputation is Linked to others:  This is a hard fact to take, but has a good value. Your reputation is hampered or mounted depending on that of your allies.

What opinion would you have on a company, one of whose top level executive was once charged with a legal case? Would you not be reluctant to have any kind of alliance with that brand?

The best way to deal with this challenge is to be sure that whoever you get to business with has a good background; be it a business partner, a potential client or even a last grad employee.

It is also better you audit the performance and past records of existing allies or employees.

These are just few ways that you can handle your online reputation. There is much more. But I strongly believe that all of that must be taken care of by an expert. Hence by last advice would be just two –

Be proactive when it comes to your reputation. Prevention is better than cure.

Hire an expert to get the work done for you.

Cathy Brownlee

Cathy Brownlee is a writer and consultant who specialized in writing about Brand Protection and Reputation Management.