Cyber Careers for the Future

In today’s world, technology is all around us. From supermarkets to governments to thin phones we carry, advanced equipment and electronic devices are with us most of the time. If you embrace and enjoy these technologies, there are expanding career options that can let you dive into technology for a living. Two-degree programs, in particular, cyber security and management information systems (MIS), let you be at the cutting edge of developing and protecting the vital systems that run the modern world.


Majors in Technology

Students majoring in technology-related careers make a study of the ways computers and advanced electronics are used and how they solve human problems. Successful graduates of technology majors understand how a system works as well as how they can make it better. Since technology is so pervasive, the best programs cross-train students in important applicable areas such as business, social science, and liberal arts.

Protecting the Internet

Cyber security is the body of processes, practices, and technologies created to safeguard computers, programs, networks, and data from damage, unauthorized access, and attack. Effective cyber security must have coordinated efforts throughout the information system it is designed to protect.

Elements of Successful Cyber Security include:

Network security
Application security
Information security
End-user education
Disaster recovery
Business stability strategies

Perhaps the biggest challenge in the field of cyber security is the fast and constantly evolving nature of security threats. Hackers and Internet thieves sometimes move faster than even high-grade security specialists, resulting in dangerous security breaches.

Proactive and adaptive security programs are needed. Measures for achieving these goals include real-time threat assessments and constant monitoring. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts steady growth in the field of cyber security. If you are interested in pursuing a degree in cyber security, you have many choices, including fully online programs. For example, Maryville offers a masters in cyber security online.

Managing the Internet

Management information systems is a good choice of major if you are interested in advanced technology. However, you also need to have a desire to use sophisticated technology to make people’s lives better. MIS is a field with varied career options, many of which do not involve programming. MIS students learn how companies use information to improve their business operation. For example, supermarkets may use a database to track information such as which products are selling best, and a music store might use a database to sell items over the Internet.

The areas that MIS students learn about include:

Computer databases
Computer security
Creation of effective systems to find and store information

MIS degrees are offered by numerous schools, and there are a large number of online programs. You can also use the Internet to research your choices. For example, go online to learn more about UAB’s online mis degree.

Planning for the Future

The modern world depends upon electronics and technology. If you enjoy these areas, there are expanding, exciting career fields open to you. Both cyber security and MIS are good career choices if you are fascinated by developing technology that improves lives. Improving our living standards in the parameters of today’s brave new cyber world will benefit everyone—including you.

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