Download ‘Clash of Clans’ for Android & iOS

If you are looking for build and defend game, then Clash of Clans is definitely the one for you. It is exactly such type of game and it has great cartoonish art style. The graphics remind more or less of Plants vs Zombies, but make no mistake – this is not a tower defense game.

In order to be successful in the game you need to do 3 things – defend, build and fight. You can join clans and engage with millions of players around the world. There are also interesting achievements and leaderboards.

Clash of Clans

When you start a new game you will take the part of a king who has to develop a strong village. The main object is to protect your villages from the hordes of green goblins. And if you are wondering how the protection comes – it is pretty simple – in the form of in-game player assistance, weaponry and fortifications. You can also gain trophies and additional resources once you attack other villages and win. The combat system is really sophisticated as you will be able to win 3 stars, depending on the level of destruction. 1 Star when you destroy the Town Hall, 1 star when you destroy more than 50% of the buildings, and 1 Star for 100% destruction.

Download “Clash of Clans” for Android here.

Download “Clash of Clans” for iOS here.

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