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KMPlayer has gone a long way over the past couple of years. What first started as a simple video player has now turned into a great application that does more than just playing video files. Nowadays people use it to discover content and even as a streaming service considering the app’s success when it was used to cast the League of Legends World Championship Season 3 as well as other games. KMPlayer is used by millions of people around the world and it is undisputedly one of the Top 3 most popular video players at the moment.

The application features a simple interface that will be appreciated by everyone who enjoys using a simple UI. As for functionality, KMPlayer can play just about any video file you can think of, so you shouldn’t have any compatibility issues while using this video player. The only major setback of the KMPlayer is the amount of advertisements you’ll see. The program’s newest features also include a lot of ad space, so if you find yourself watching something in ‘Window’ mode, then prepare to see some nagging advertisements. Despite this problem, the KMPlayer is still a great video player and you should give it a try by downloading it from here.

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