Drop2App: Free App Maker via Excel Sheet

Online technologies are advancing with each passing week, but probably few of you thought that we would be able to create fully functional mobile applications without having any knowledge of programming languages. Although this is a relatively new concept, it certainly has a bright future ahead of it judging by the increasing number of services that offer everyday users the ability to create a working mobile application that can serve a wide variety of purposes such as generating invoices, filling & storing surveys, as well as managing timesheets or creating digital membership cards. One of the services that offer such features and has already attracted thousands of customers is Drop2App, an entirely free service that allows anyone to create apps by just uploading a spreadsheet to the online platform.

Apps From Excel, How Does This Work?

Creating mobile applications from a simple Excel document may seem like an impossible task, but apparently, nothing is impossible for the people behind this bold project. Users who opt to use the free app maker that Drop2App offers should keep in mind that the final product won’t be limited regarding functionality, but it may include some advertisements controlled by Drop2App’s authors. This is a relatively common monetization technique, and there’s nothing surprising about it considering the fact that Drop2App offers users the ability to create mobile apps without writing a single line of code.

So how does the magic happen? The answer is, fortunately, quite simple – Drop2App provides all registered users with access to pre-made XLSX spreadsheets that contain sample fields and input information that the end-users of the application will see when they open it on their device. So, modifying your mobile application is as simple as just changing the text seen in the spreadsheet, and then uploading it to Drop2App’s platform. It will just take a few minutes to apply the changes to your very own customized version of the mobile application, and you’ll get the download link for the final build.

At the moment, Drop2App offers four types of applications:

  • Survey software
  • Membership form
  • Inventory report
  • Timesheet template

Another huge benefit of using Drop2App as your primary app maker is that they can provide you with cross-platform compatible applications. And the best part is that we are not talking about just mobile devices running Android, iOS or Windows – your software will also be executable on desktop computers and laptops that are operating with at least Windows XP.

If you enjoy using Drop2App’s services and you would like to help out the project, as well as to remove the advertisements that appear in your custom-built app, then you can opt to subscribe to a premium membership. The cost is just $19.95/month, and you get to create as many ad-free apps as you wish.

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