How to Edit Videos with Movavi Video Editor?

Nowadays just about everybody owns a camera or a smartphone with video recording capabilities, so most people have tons of video footage of their parties, celebrations, vacations, etc. Unfortunately, those of us who don’t have much experience with video recording often end up with videos that are out of focus, with poor colors, bad lighting or other common issues. Thankfully, there are tons of applications that can help you get rid of these minor disturbances, and one of the best tools for video editing is the Movavi Video Editor. In this post, you will learn how you can edit videos with Movavi Video Editor.

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Movavi Video Editor is an affordable video editor that has tons of great features that will help you improve the quality of your videos, but will also allow you to add various effects, apply filters, and remove some of the most common issues related with video recording. The application is meant for non-professionals who are in need of a simple, functional & easy-to-use video editing tool that will fully meet their requirements. The personal license for Movavi Video Editor costs just $39.95, and thanks to this price tag, this application is one of the most affordable video editors available at the moment.

Tools for Video Editing

The video editor is packed with a wide range of tools that you can use to enhance the attractiveness and quality of your videos. Thanks to the simplified timeline mode, it is incredibly easy to split, crop & join movies in just a few seconds. There is also a pre-made set of titles & credits templates that you can use. Adding soundtracks to your videos is very easy too, so you can put an end to boring, soundless videos. Movavi Video Editor works with all popular video file formats, so you can quickly modify your SD, HD, DVD, 2D and 3D videos thanks to the user-friendly interface.

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Choosing the right video codec for your video can be difficult for inexperienced users, but thanks to Movavi Video Editor you won’t have to worry about compression & quality ever again. The application comes with a set of pre-made compression methods that will give you the best balance between quality & size depending on your needs and requirements. You can also capture videos directly from a VHS, camcorder or TV-tuner, or you can also use the integrated sound recorder to record audio through your microphone or directly from your computer. The options are limitless, so we are in the opinion that $39.95 is a justified price for such an amazing video editing tool. But don’t stop reading yet, because there is another great thing that we must mention about the Movavi Video Editor – its video enhancement section.

Amazing Video Enhancement Feature

The video enhancement section of Movavi Video Editor is where all the magic happens. Blurry, out of focus, poor lighting & color videos will become a thing of the past as soon as you get your hands on the latest version of Movavi Video Editor. This part of the application gives you access to tons of features that can be fine-tuned to fully get rid of all cosmetic issues that your video footage is suffering from. Apart from the great correction tools, there is also a fair number of effects & filters that you can apply to your videos in order to make them a bit more appealing in terms of appearance.

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Automatic Video Enhancement

One of the most widely used features is the Automatic Video Enhancement. When you select this tool, it will analyze the video footage and will automatically correct colors, contrast, brightness, levels, etc. Another amazing extra is the Auto Contrast which will significantly improve the lighting properties of your video – you’ll be able to enjoy better highlights and shadows, and darker & lighter elements will be easier to distinguish. Auto Saturation is another great tool that will analyze the image, and apply the right color saturation in order to produce more realistic and lively colors.

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It would take us forever to tell you about all of the video enhancement filters implemented in Movavi Video Editor, so don’t hesitate to pay a visit to their official website if you’d like to see in-depth details about all the great video enhancement features that Movavi Video Editor offers. The special effects are pretty interesting as well, so we strongly advise you to try them out if you want to give you videos a more unique appearance.

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