Stay Above the Learning Curve with These Educational Mobile Apps

The holiday season is on, but you will be heading back to school soon. Have you started the prep yet? If yes, then you definitely need to read on. If you are heading back to the school and staying ahead in the game is on your mind, your cell phones can prove handy. Yes! Now, every mobile application development company is coming up with mobile applications that can change the way you perceived knowledge. Presently, Apple’s App Store alone hosts more than 40,000 educational apps. This season rise above the learning curve with these easily accessible mobile apps. Check out these interactive educational apps that will help you get your scores soaring in the upcoming terms.

Here is Top 5 Educational Mobile Apps

Flashcards Mental Case

Thanks to technological upheaval, flashcards have finally got a high-tech makeover, and this app exemplifies it just aptly. This app lets your create virtual flashcards and take mental notes, but with a lot of bells and whistles. These online flashcards are jam packed with text, images and audio functionalities and can be easily viewed as slideshow. The best part is, this app lets you learn along with your friends. You can share these notes with your mates via Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Flashcards Mental Case educational mobile apps

Become a wordsmith with this treasury of nearly two million words. The app is a thesaurus and dictionary that provides you an access to a plethora of words. You can operate this app on multiple platforms including Balckberry, iPhone, Android et al. Worried about the staggering Wi-Fi connection that might give you a tough time using this app? Well, worry no more. This app doesn’t need an active internet connection to operate, once you have downloaded it on your phone. This means all the dictionary and thesaurus options are available to you even if when you are offline.  educational mobile apps

EZ Read

Keep the Shakespeare fear at bay with this highly dynamic mobile application. As the name suggests, EZ Read app simplifies the mystifying classical literature for your, right on your iPad or iPhone. This app has a free access to the free online study notes resource, where you can find free study notes for poetry, literature and other academic and cultural subjects. With EZ read you can browse through the plot summary and character descriptions of your favorite classic novel. Moreover, you can brush up your learning by taking specially designed online quizzes. Isn’t the app tempting enough to lure you towards your next George Orwell?

EZ Read educational mobile apps

Wi-Fi Finder

Have you ever been stuck in middle of somewhere and thought, “if only I could get an immediate internet access?” Well, next time on you won’t need to wonder. Wi-Fi finder app acts as a hunting dog with a nose for broadband. It tracks down all free and paid public Wi-Fi hotspots on your Android, iPhone, iPod etc. As per the description of this on the App Store, it can amazingly detect some 545,000 hotspots across 144 countries. Wi-Fi Finder can be a reliable resource for the students who need to complete their assignments on the go.

Wi-Fi Finder educational mobile apps


As the name suggests, this app is your Wikipedia companion. It gives you access to the popular online encyclopedia, wherein you can search for almost anything and everything with grave accuracy. Some of the most noteworthy features of Wikipanion include audio playback for definitions, bookmarking individual sections for future reading and browsing history on your iPad. WikiPanion is the one stop research resource for any student researching on a paper.

WikiPanion educational mobile apps

Learning can be tricky at times, but these mobile apps let you stay a step ahead. You can use these apps even on the go and thus stay updated with your learning modules 24X7.

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