Encrypt Kindle Fire HDX in 5 Steps

Forget about the traditional ways to keep your data private. Along with PIN codes and standard lock screens, the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX and HDX 8.9” can be secured with encryption. This is probably the safest way to keep everything private. What we are trying to say is, that we know how important for every person is to keep his content and data safe. Well, since PIN code can be easily guessed, encryption is the best option, especially when Amazon lacks applications such as Find My iPhone.

Kindle Fire HDX

Here are the needed steps you need to follow in order to encrypt kindle fire HDX.

1: Check the OS version for your device and make sure it is the latest.

2: Leave your device for charging and then go to Settings, followed by Security and press Encryption

3: Keep in mind that if your device is not fully charged you will not see the “Encrypt tablet” button, so this might be one reason if there is no available button of this kind.

4: In case you are using PIN code as protection – enter it and set the password for the encryption – it is recommended to be different than the PIN code.

5: Click the continue button and you will see that the encryption process will start immediately.

Once it is finished the device will reboot. There is no approximate time for the encryption because it strongly depends on the data stored on the tablet.

However, there is no way to decrypt your Kindle Fire HDX. If you want to do such thing you will have to delete all your data and perform factory reset. Another important thing you need to remember is if you enter wrong password for 30 times the factory default option will be automatically processed and all of your data – erased.

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