How to Find Out If Other People are Using Your Photographs?

Gone are the days when you needed to courier entire albums or stuff photographs into envelopes and mail them to friends and family. Today with the click of a button you can share your memories with your loved ones on the Internet. Facebook, blogs, photo-sharing accounts, all allow you to do this with no hassle. But this ease can also let miscreants get away with saving and using your photos without your permission. How do you tell if this is happening with you? If you want to uncover these thieves, then here are the options you have. Do you have a question? Our online tech support team can answer it now!

  1. Your first option would be to use to do a reverse image search. Just upload the photo or paste a link to it, and click on “Search.” If there are any matches found, you can click on it. To compare the images, you can click on “Switch” to toggle between your image and the one you found. The website also displays the URL next to the image thumbnail.
  2. Google’s “Search by Image” option is another platform you can use. Just go to the Google Images section and click on the camera icon which appears on the search bar. Upload an image or enter the URL for it and click on “Search.” The website gives you results divided as identical images and visually similar images. It also provides you with thumbnails and links for each image.
  3. There are commercial recovery services like ImageRights which track down instances of unauthorized image use and then goes on to ensure that the website in violation compensates you. Fees depend on the services you require.
  4. Your image’s statistics page will also enable you to learn if the image is being used by someone else. Just keep an eye out for images receiving referrals from a single website. This is probably an indication that the site in question is displaying your image on their website. Most web hosts and blogging platforms offer visitor statistics. Image-hosting sites like Flickr, Picacsa, and Photobucket also allow you statistical information about the people glancing through your photographs.

While it is difficult to prevent unauthorized use of images, you can make it difficult for someone to copy them by using watermarks and copyright symbols (if applicable). You can also use a JavaScript code on your website so that right-clicking to save image is disabled. This may be a deterrent for less tech-savvy thieves but it is easy to bypass for people who know how.

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