Get BlackBerry Z10 at AT&T this March

According to the latest news, AT&T will start selling one of the latest models of BlackBerry Z10. This will happen later this month. Many rumors state that the release date is going to be 22 march. What makes people think that this is going to be the release date is the fact that AT&T didn’t respond immediately. However, BlackBerry denied those rumors.

BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry’s spokesman announced that they hadn’t released any official release date so far and due to this fact they can’t give the exact time when BlackBerry Z10 is going to be released.

One good this is that after a long period of waiting, BlackBerry has finally unveiled their operation system and its great touch-screen and special QWERTY keyboard made special for BlackBerry.

blackberry z10 white

According to Verizon, the price of the device is going to be around 200$ with a 2-year contract. Other well-known network provider – T-Mobile, hasn’t officially announced their contracts and offers for BlackBerry Z10. If you are a fan of BlackBerry Z10 and you are more than sure that you want to buy this device, then you should know that there was an unlocked version of the phone on sale for 999$.

Typical for BlackBerry Z10 is that it is a touch-based and slab-style device with great 4.2” display producing 356 pixels per inch. However, if you are a QWERTY keyboard fan, then you stick with the other version of BlackBerry – Q10 which is going to be announced in April.

blackberry z10 specs

The long awaited operation system – BlackBerry Z10 made a real splash earlier this year. As a matter of fact these following months are going to be really excited when it comes to new phones. HTC announced their new model One, while Samsung are about to launch Samsung Galaxy S4. If you are a real fan of technology and mobile devices, make sure you don’t miss a single event because those new phones have definitely lots of things to show.

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