Guide: DIY Cool Art For Your Apartment

You’ve finally done it.

After all that hard work, you got yourself a nice place. This can be a time of joy and also pressure to make sure it looks its best. One way to make your place look great is putting up cool art that’s unique to your style.

This can be hard to do when you just dropped some serious cash on your apartment. But not to worry! We’ve gathered some cool DIY art tricks to help you out. Read on for more.

Poster Sales

Check out your local community center to see if vendors come around to sell posters. This art resource is also very common on college campuses.

This is a great way to find posters for all different tastes. Whether that be TV shows, popular movies, cartoons, or famous prints by Van Gogh.

You’ll be sure to find something for yourself. And even if you don’t buy anything, you’re sure to find a print you’ll want to DIY in the future.

Large wholesalers often have poster sections as well. But these are a lot smaller in size.

Coloring Your Own

The act of coloring is really calm, and creating art is a popular way to de-stress. There are many coloring books out there as well that have different themes. Finding one you like can open a door to many new art pieces for your apartment.

Once you color a page, find a vintage frame or some washi tape and frame it! Hang it near a desk to help add some fun to your workspace.

College Art Shows

College students are always in need of funds. Especially college artists. Go to your local campus and drop by an art show! You can find some original artwork on display and can get into contact with the artist to buy it.

If there’s not a campus nearby, go to your community center and ask around about art shows.

High schools with art programs may also put on small shows as well.

Thrift Stores

If you’re looking for something vintage and unique, try going to a second-hand store. People will drop off their framed cool art when it doesn’t match their other decor anymore.

Artists also sometimes drop off original paintings still on canvas at these places. Depending on the size, you can find art for less than $5!


If you really want to support small artists and want cool art that’s original, check out Etsy. This website is a compilation of many small businesses.

If you’re not sure what form of art you want for your apartment, you can start here. Artists offer a wide range of mediums on Etsy and you’ll be sure to find something that matches your style.


If you’re really on a budget, then make your own cool art and save money. These days, natural themes in art are becoming more and more popular.

Take a walk in your neighborhood or in a forest preserve and pick up leaves and flowers you find pretty. Stay away from poisonous plants! Either press these plants into paper or frame them as is for some quick art around your apartment!

Your Own Pictures

Recently went on a road trip or spent time with people you love? Use the pictures you took with a high-quality camera during this time as art for your place!

Send those pictures over to a print shop and frame them for meaningful art that holds memories. If you want to give them more of an artistic component, put a fun filter over them!


If you’re really into famous art then check out your museum’s gift shop. They will have copies of the originals and other objects that have your favorite artist’s work on it.

Stock Photos

If you don’t care about having fancy pieces at your place, then look to stock photos for artwork. These files are usually for people to use as they please and are free to the general public.

If you’re looking for nature scenes, then this is a perfect place to look for art! Be sure that you check all the usage rights to all the photos you use to make sure you are not stealing or violating laws. Then all you have to do is print.

House sales

If you’re always looking for new cool art to put around your place, then keep your eye out for sales at houses. This is great because the people at the houses have usually done the searching for you for one of a kind art.

Garage Sales

Look for signs that say garage or lawn sale. Sometimes neighborhoods will have community garage sales as well. This is a great place to look, as art is often the first to go when redecorating or decluttering.

Estate Sales

Keep an eye out for Estate sales, especially if you want something more expensive. These often have antiques and one of a kind art, but for a cheaper price.

Blue Horizon Prints

Blue Horizon Prints canvas prints australia is a website where you can find cheap art for your place. They offer many subjects, styles, and artists so there’s something for everyone!

There’s even a feature on their website that will help you create your own art, whether it be pop art or word art.


If you really want cool art like prints or tapestry in your apartment, look up YouTube tutorials. From marble prints to tie-dye tapestries, you’ll be able to find them in trendy patterns. Plus, the information on how to bring them to life.

Add a personal touch of trendy patterns to make something unique for every corner in your place!

Make Cool Art with Friends

Get a two for one deal and find a way to make a night of creating cool art for your place. There have been many wine and paint shops opening up recently. Which is great if you’re looking to make memories by creating art as well.

Don’t have the funds to go out? Make your own paint night and include a BYOC instruction (Bring Your Own Canvas) to start creating!

Learn More

Learning how to decorate is just one of the first things you’ll learn how to do in your new place. And doing things yourself can give you a greater sense of accomplishment and pride.

Keep it going! For more ways to make your life easier, check out our how-to page.

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