How Do I Publish My Audio Book to CD Format?

As technology evolves and demands for time increase, people are quickly abandoning print copies of books and turning to compact discs to enjoy novels on the go. This also allows a person to multitask, cleaning, exercising, driving and cooking all while enjoying an entertaining novel or even learning educational information recorded to the compact disc as well. Turning a printed novel into an audio book published to CD to help increase profit margin and one’s customer base; in fact, CD sales are 72 percent of the audio market.

Audio-Book-to cd format


Back in the late 1970s, Sony and Philips both began designing the compact disc, inspired by the Laserdisc. Both companies had ideas that rivaled the others, and the two eventually went to unite to figure out what would become the standard. In the 80s, the technology had been stabilized and was ready for commercialization. The first CDs were pressed with Sony’s release of the first CD player known as the CDP-101.

Read the Material

Read out loud the material you want to turn into an audio book for a CD. Using a microphone and a computer, you can read the material out loud to work toward burning onto a CD. If you can afford it, you can purchase special equipment designed to get top notch quality when reading the material. Starting small is necessary with limited funds, however.

Consider a Narrator

If you do not want to read the book on your own, you can hire a narrator. Hired narrators are trained to provide a professional sound, especially as they have their own equipment designed for the task. Narrators are trained to use their voices in a way to provide certain effects. Note that some will charge by the hour, but others will require payment for every word. There are several places where one can hire a narrator, post jobs and receive quotes from many talented individuals.

Create a Cover

Despite being an audio book, there is no reason why you cannot design a cover for the book. If you are not able to create your own or you do not currently have any artwork, you can hire a graphic artist to help increase sales for your audio book.

Create the CD

Use a computer duplication system to make multiple copies of the disc after burning it. Audio books will burn similar to any other CDs, but automated systems let one record automatically after loading multiple blank discs. Manual systems will require individually loading a disc. It is wise to use a system that is compatible with your computer, but there are standalone units as well. Some systems can even print labels, or you can simply hire a company to duplicate the CDs.


A website or seminars can provide useful for selling your own CDs. Alternatively, you may consider looking into a company for self-publishing for an easier means of distribution. This means not having to duplicate the discs on your own or having to store the product in your own place. It is possible for the self-publishing company to ship, print and assemble a disc one at a time as you sell them. This includes various different companies that are readily available on the Internet.

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