How iPad Mini Could Look Like

Plenty of rumors are flying around regarding the iPad mini’s release, appearance and performance. The funny thing is, Apple has done nothing to confirm or deny all the speculation that has technophiles in a tizzy. Some have actually declared that it will be released in October 2012, or most definitely in time for Santa to deliver it to hopefuls this holiday season.

Apple’s devices, while sharing certain aspects of design, do not look exactly like one another. So it’s as yet early to predict how the mini will be designed. In any event the new iPad, if released, is not expected to threaten the position of the regular iPad; rather, it is expected to compete for top spot in the small tablet segment with the Kindle and Nexus.

Experts and analysts suggest that with the launch of an iPad mini, Apple may be actually throwing doors open to those who have always longed for an Apple device but didn’t have the dough for it. Some have hazarded guesses that it might cost around $250-$350. announced that they have a model of the yet to be released iPad mini, with minute details. It does not do any real work but supposedly it hints at what the new iPad is capable of. Whether the iPad mini will actually look like the model displayed by them remains to be seen.

It is a known fact that Steve Jobs was very much against the manufacture of a smaller iPad, because he felt that this would dilute the users’ tablet experience. But with the smaller tablets released by Google, Amazon and Samsung doing well, Apple probably feel they can’t NOT release a mini version of the iconic device.

So what will it look like? Well your guess is as good as mine, and at the end of the day they are just that: guesses. Anyway, here goes:

I’m guessing that Apple will not drastically reduce the size of the screen. To be one up on the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD (both at 7 inches), Apple is likely to give the iPad an 8 inch (or close) screen. Industry insiders have hinted that this may not be an ideal size for a small tablet as holding in one hand would be difficult. Some forum members on GizChina went so far as to say that the new design was not even satisfactory and that there was nothing new in it at all.

Some ‘leaked’ reports say that the new iPad will be around 7.2 mm thick and look pretty much like the iPod Touch but with smaller bezels, and that it will have separate volume control buttons. Screen resolution is expected to remain unchanged at 1024×768. Several analysts and websites have different opinions on the mini retaining the Retina display. Some have declared that the new offering from Apple will feature the IGZOP display which is capable of Retina quality display.

Other reports say that the iPad mini is likely to resemble the iPhone rather than the original iPad.

The iPad has a 9.7 inch screen and the dimensions are 9.5×7.31 inches. The iPhone’s display is 3.5 inches with 4.5 by 2.31 dimensions. So it stands to reason that the size of the iPad mini will be in between these two devices.

Is there a rear camera or not? How much internal memory will it have? 3G or LTE? These are all questions that the tech world is abuzz with. But these will remain unanswered till Apple themselves come out and tell us if they ARE even making the device.

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