How Pinterest For iPhone Gets A Bug fixing Update?

People have used writings and pictures to document information since time immemorial. Previously you had libraries, archives, soft-boards and folders. Then came computers, with spacious hard drives to store your information in one device. Internet also allows you to save important pages via bookmarks.

Now is the time of social networking websites. They enable their members to store and customize important information, along with pictures and videos on a simple online account. These websites have proved to be effective means of communication both on personal and business levels. You can chat and share images with people all over the world without spending a lot of money.

It is only the sensitive financial or governmental data that cannot be communicated through the internet; otherwise, one social website is able to put post-men and telephone operators out of their jobs! Some of the famous social networking websites include Facebook, Twitter and more recently, Pinterest. The correct broadband service is essential when it comes to uploading and sharing images, hence, you should for high-speed internet providers.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is simply an internet pin board. You can use it to organize information along with pictures and videos. It is a helpful tool for sharing your interests with others. You can share home decoration ideas, recipes, sports collection or anything that has meaning in your life.
You can also view information of other users. Pinterest can be used for wedding plans, cataloguing clothing lines and event management as well. You can visit to get more information.

History of Pinterest

Pinterest was developed in late 2009 by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra and Evan Sharp. It was launched in the March the following year. Soon after it’s released, it was listed among the top social networking websites on the internet, generating millions of visitors on a weekly basis. It received an average of 11 million visitors a week as of December 2011.

How Pinterest Works?

If you have ever used a website like, understanding Pinterest would become much easier. In its basic model, it is not any different from a networking website that has members who share their interests and images with each other.

To create an account, you have to be invited by an existing member. If you do not know any member, you can send a request on the official website to invite you. Once invited, you can sign up through Facebook or twitter.

Once logged in, you can create a new email ID and username for your Pinterest account. Then you will fill up your bio that includes your name, age, location, interests, background etc and upload a profile picture. You can enable or disable the option of receiving regular emails from Pinterest as well as having your profile appear on a Google search, making your account secure.

Pictures (pins) can be uploaded from your hard drive or the internet itself. The original source of the image will appear when you click on that image. You can make a “board”, which is collection of pins, on a particular theme as mentioned before. There is also the famous option of “liking” and commenting on other members’ pin boards.

How Pinterest helps my business

Pinterest is a great way to promote your business online. You can attach links to your blog or website to your board. Pinterest also allows you attract greater number of visitors (traffic) to your website. Here is how it works.

Since every image or pin is linked to its original online source, the first time anyone clicks that image, he/she will be directed to your profile. When they click the same image on your page, they will automatically find your website! As you know very well that this network is getting popular by the day, promoting your business through Pinterest will result in increased sales and profits.

Finally, since visual content is the backbone of Pinterest, advertising will become more effective. People like to see beautiful visual presentations, and Pinterest provides all the necessary tools to create one. Data and image transfer works well with high-speed internet, so subscribe to carriers and providers who can give you a good connection.

How do you get a bug fixing update on Pinterest?

The good news for people who use Pinterest on their iPhone is that an update is available now. Pinterest can be updated up to 1.5.1 allowing users to get bug fixing updates along with improved image quality. You can easily find updates on the internet.

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