How to Enable Chat Heads on iOS Facebook?

Facebook has recently updated their application for iOS bringing one really great feature called Chat heads. However, the feature will work only if you are using the application, so if you don’t have it – it might be better to download it.

Apple promised that Chat Heads will roll our over the coming couple of weeks to iOS users, but if you haven’t got the feature yet, and in case you are really impatient, then you might want to continue reading this.

Enable Chat Heads on iOS Facebook

The thing you will need to do is to edit the PLIST of your Facebook application. You will have to change or add a single value in a file, then load it back on your iPad/iPhone and restart Facebook application. Once you do this, you will have the chance to enjoy Chat Heads. Of course the version of your facebook app should be 6.0 or later, so it might not be a bad idea to check out this first.

In the guide you will also find a tutorial how to unlock another great new feature – Stickers. In case you want to do this you will have to find a proxy.

The entire process will take not more than 5 minutes so you should not be afraid to try it – the final result is promising – Chat Heads is really great feature and it is definitely a big step in terms of mobile user interface.

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