How to Find Out IP Address of Your Computer?

Computers are identified on internet by their IP addresses. IP addresses are binary number specifies in human readable form like 192.168 or For PCs, we normally use DSL or router to have connection with World Wide Web (www). In this case the IP address identifies your PC on local network. Even the router you are using to connect to internet has its own IP address for self identification. You can identify the IP address of your router by using different free services available online including But if you are interested to find the IP address of your computer then you just need to follow the simple steps given below: 1- Click on ‘Start’ and select ‘Run’ from the menu.

2- Type ‘CMD’ in it to open the command prompt.

3- Type ‘ipconfig’ and press ‘Enter’. It will show basic information about your IP address.

4- Now if you want to get detail of all network adapters present on your computer then jus type “ipconfig /all” and press ‘Enter’. Next moment you will have accurate info about all adapters currently present on your computer.

So you’ve done!

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