How to Make Free Calls to Landlines and Cell Phone Numbers Online?

Everyone loves free things. We are happy to get freebies in online stores or enjoy quality services at discounted prices. Sure, all of us enjoy using apps to communicate with friends and colleagues online. I mean apps like Skype. Gone are the days when calling a person currently residing at the most remote part of the world was a huge problem and a very expensive undertaking. Today, thanks to Skype and similar apps and services, you can contact friends and loved ones from any part of the world as long as you have a PC or a mobile device connected to the Internet. Yet, there seems to be one problem. Skype as well as other similar apps are useless unless the person on the other side has the same app on a PC or a mobile device.

How to Make Free Calls to Landlines and Cell Phone Numbers Online?

What if you need to make free calls to landlines and cell phone numbers? Do you think this is just a wishful thinking? Perhaps, you will be amazed but there are free calls services on the net. Let’s look at how they work and why they are no scams at all.

How come the calls are free? Everyone knows that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. That’s true, especially when it comes to the online world where there are so many scams. However, free calls services do exist. This is how the whole thing works.

All you have to do is to register a free account and gather bonuses to be able to make free calls and send sms messages. What’s the secret then? Bonuses are either earned by clicking ads from sponsors, visiting their sites or completing small assignments, like filling out a form or answering a few questions about particular site. Sounds easy, huh? So, let’s put it this way. You do not need to pay for anything. The registration is free. Does it sound too good to be true? It does, until you visit one of such services and make your first free call.

By the way, these types of services are available as Android and iOS apps. I am sure you are the proud owner of either Android phone or a new iPhone. And I am sure you have heard about voip software. You can get the app from Play Store or iTunes, install it to your mobile device and enjoy free calls whenever you have a stable Internet connection, either WiFi or 3G. There are no hidden fees and no monthly subscriptions. Ads from sponsors and offers from them contain no adult or prohibited content. Moreover, some of them are really cool and helpful in a way.

So, what are you waiting for? Free calls are at your services. Get your free texting app for android now! Look for our apps at Play Store and iTunes as well.

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