How to SIM unlock HTC One S on Android ICS

The HTC brand of cellphones is a very fast growing cellphone company and is getting more and more popular nowadays because of the features that their products have against other cellphones. Like any other cellphones, the HTC cellphones are not perfect because of some flaws and limitations that they have. However, people can do something to maximize the potential of HTC phones. One of the great products that they currently have is the HTC One S which has an Ice Cream Sandwich Android platform. It has some great unique features but the only issue that most people have is how to sim unlock HTC One S on Android ICS. Now, that issue will be closed because here is the step by step process on the HTC
One S Unlock.
Steps On HTC One S Unlock

These few easy steps will definitely optimize the usage capability of the popular HTC One S which has an Android ICS system. The First thing to do is to root the HTC One S phone to maximize phone navigation. Search the web on how to root the HTC One S phone and few programs will be needed to be able to do this such as the “superboot”. However, be warned that rooting a cellphone such as this HTC One S will be quite risky and rooting might just end up to ruining the phone but successful phone rooting maximizes the phone’s capabilities and it is needed to be able sim unlock this particular phone.

The next step is to download the “” which can be easily searched in the internet and it has very small file size so downloading will be very quick. After the downloading process has been finished, just extract the files in it using a certain program such as Winrar. It is recommended to extract the files in a folder and name it to something which is easy to remember. Download a root-enabled file organizer or explorer which can be found in “Google Play” such as the File Expert After doing this, proceed to the third step.

The third step is to connect the rooted HTC One S phone to the computer to start with the sim unlocking process. Next, open the folder where the “” files where extracted to. Find the “” file and then just copy and paste it to the “/systemfolder” folder located in the HTC S One phone. Do this by using the downloaded file explorer.

The fourth step is to open the “” file or do this by using an Android Terminal Emulator which can also be downloaded in the “Google Play” store. Type these following commands in the Android Terminal Emulator “su” then below it or after that, type “/system/” to execute that file in the “/systemfolder” folder of the HTC One S phone.

On the fifth step, a sim unlock code will appear on the screen but if not, just open it in the “/sdcard/sim_unlock_code.txt. After opening it, shut down the phone and then replace the sim card with anunsupported network and turn it on again. The phone will now ask for the sim unlock code so just enter the code which was given in step 5. If all these steps are done correctly, the HTC One S phone is now sim unlocked and it can now be inserted with any sim. These are the few easy steps on the HTC One S unlock.

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