HTC Flyer Review and Specifications

HTC flyer is a new tablet introduced by the HTC. It offers excellent grip and you can easily hold it in one hand. The QWERTY keypad is also really easy to use and you can operate it in your hands. But, if you think that it will be a light weight device, it’s not so. The back of the HTC Flyer is made up of aluminum, which contributes in the weight of the gadget and bottom is also a great contributor in terms of weight. At the top of HTC Flyer, you will find audio jack and power button. USB port is located at the bottom, while volume controls are on the right side. Camera is at the back and you will also find the speakers there. The four keys are touch sensitive, which are home, menu, back and pen. If you rotate the device on the left side, you can find these four keys there too.

htc flyer

HTC Flyer Display

The careen of HTC flyer is good as you can see in daylight and the viewing angles are also good. If you have not used AMOLED you will feel the brightness is really sharp and vibrant. This gadget has a graphical user interface. You cannot add or delete the home screen. There are very helpful options, like add and remove shortcuts, opening apps with a click and dragging a particular app to any Nome screen. You can also sort apps by date.

HTC Flyer Camera and video

Usually tablet cameras are not really good and we cannot compare them with smart phone cameras. Same is true for HTC flyer. It has 5 mega pixel cameras, which is auto focus. Front camera placement is also not appropriate for normal photo shoot. The video quality is not good. Images are not really clear and audio is also blurry.

HTC Flyer Entertainment and connectivity

The HTC famous Watch, which was introduced in HTC Sensation, is provided in HTC flyer too. You can watch Hollywood movies on this seven inch screen, if you have a good internet connection. You can also enjoy videos on you tube, which will be a much better experience. Sound quality of music player is also good and placement of speakers makes it even better. If you play angry bird on this device, you will really enjoy. There is no FM radio, which is a drawback in terms of entertainment. All in all it’s a good choice, if you are planning to buy it.

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